NEW YORK, NRF, Jan 14, 2020

Amid a global field of organizations across a variety of industries driving historic adoption for Workforce Dimensions from Kronos Incorporated, four of the five largest customers to adopt the next-generation solution suite, based on licenses purchased, operate in the retail space. Future enhancements designed to simplify work spark continued enthusiasm for the No. 1-ranked workforce management solution suite, while urgency to deliver the future of work today has global third-party implementors racing to partner with Kronos to capitalize on the spike in demand.

News Facts

  • Functional, flexible, and easy to use: Workforce Dimensions defines the future of work in retail, hospitality, and food service.
    • Workforce Dimensions offers a cloud-native, mobile-native, and artificial intelligence-powered suite of human resources (HR), pay, talent management, task management, and timekeeping solutions that keep employees engaged, help managers mitigate compliance risk, and give leadership the insights they need to make better business decisions.
    • As global demand for Workforce Dimensions soars among retail, hospitality, and food service organizations, new strategic partnerships with industry-leading systems integrators and technology consulting organizations funnel implementation support to global and multi-national projects, delivering exceptional workforce management outcomes faster.
    • The fast-growing Workforce Dimensions Technology Partner Network features more than 100 partners and marketplace applications to help retailers achieve desired business outcomes on a variety of fronts, such as analytics and reporting, collaboration and community, fair workweek adherence, financial wellness, and learning management.
    • Kronos InTouch DX, the first intelligent time clock to combine consumer-grade personalization with enterprise-level intelligence, works seamlessly with Workforce Dimensions and is equipped to provide the ease of use and personalization that employees expect.
  • Workforce Dimensions arms managers with easy access to the data they need to make smart decisions
    • AIMEE – named the “best AI-based solution for workforce management” – analyzes daily trends to predict scheduling needs and fine-tunes labor forecasts over time. Trend data is embedded in user dashboards to reveal opportunities and areas of potential concern, empowering managers to visualize labor patterns to anticipate future trends.
    • Managers can broadcast open shifts and fill coverage gaps quicker than ever before, while built-in compliance capabilities ensure only eligible employees pick up an open shift, and auto-resolve features help employees fix mistakes in their timecards to minimize administrative work.
    • A unified workforce management and task management experience empowers managers to easily track and complete tasks within the Workforce Dimensions dashboard. Leading retailers worldwide have selected Kronos Task Management to simplify store execution and elevate employee experience, including an Australian-based surf, skate, and apparel chain; a global denim brand; a national chain of outdoor recreation stores; a regional sporting goods retailer, and one of the largest department stores in the U.S.
  • Workforce Dimensions aligns with employee expectations for workplace technology to perform like their personal technology.
    • Intelligent recommendations from AIMEE inform employees of open shifts that may interest them and include how much money the employee will make if they work the shift – which may compel employees to pick up a hard-to-fill shift, especially if a premium is offered.
    • For employees who are allowed to pick up shifts across multiple locations, a map view within Workforce Dimensions showcases store locations so employees can easily find and select shifts that are most convenient.
    • Actionable push notifications prompt mobile users to accept a coverage request or approve a time-off or shift-swap request with one click directly from the lock or home screen of their mobile device. These everyday activities can additionally be handled by Workforce Dimensions inside other familiar communication platforms, giving managers and employees control over how they consume information and complete tasks.

Supporting Quotes

  • Amanda Nichols, senior manager, retail and hospitality practice group, Kronos
    “People are at the center of everything we do at Kronos, and our goal is to make their work-life as easy to manage as possible. We continually look for ways to expand on our employee self-service capabilities and stay a few steps ahead of what today’s workforce expects; to make managers more effective by not just automating workforce management tasks, but by providing insight into their workforce and business; and to provide executives and decision makers with the right information and an outstanding customer experience to strategically plan for the next 6- to 18-months and find success. With the ability to change and evolve with market conditions and business need, Workforce Dimensions enables rapid innovation and evolution to support any organization’s business strategy, regardless of sector.”

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