Risks related to labor law compliance in the retail industry are higher than ever today and retailers are turning to Kronos Incorporated for its Kronos Attestation Tool Kit to help navigate the complex regulatory landscape. The solution provides a simple way for  stakeholders - associates, managers, and corporate - to be engaged in the timecard review and documentation process. The easily configurable solution allows users to review, approve, and reject timecards by using various Kronos data collection devices including time clocks, mobile, tablet, and web platforms, which has resulted in a surge in demand for the solution.

News Facts

  • The Kronos Attestation Tool Kit helps retailers comply with a variety of unique labor law requirements. By providing a way to extend the timecard punching process without customizations, multinational retailers or ones operating in a particular region can fine tune their process without requiring costly and restrictive customizations.
  • The Attestation Tool Kit also helps ensure that retailers can manage more than just meal and break compliance. Questions concerning injuries, fatigue, and schedule effectiveness can be set up in the tool kit and actions can be determined based on the responses. This helps drive employee morale and engagement.
  • Retailers that leverage the tool kit include one of the world's largest internet based retailers; a large, global office supply chain; one of the largest membership based warehouse clubs in the U.S.; a top discount retailer in the U.S.; a leading global home improvement chain; one of the largest department stores by retail sales in the U.S.; a global provider of food, facilities, and uniform services; and a leading U.S.-based organic grocer.
  • With retailers more committed than ever to building stronger relationships with associates, the Kronos Attestation Tool Kit has grown in value as it allows associates to attest to the accuracy of changes and totals before the actual approvals are accepted by the organization. Associates can make these changes themselves through the Kronos solution.
  • The Kronos Attestation Tool Kit offers managers and associates access to a variety of on-demand attestation compliance reports on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis, alerting managers of rising trends, enabling preemptive action.
  • Integrated with a robust suite of Kronos solutions, the Attestation Tool Kit offers a strategic approach to workforce management for retailers whereby they can improve the quality of customer service through added focus on compliance management and employee engagement.

Supporting Quotes

  • Leah Messenger, payroll manager, Aztec Shops
    "The Kronos Attestation Tool Kit has made it very easy for us to be in compliance especially while managing a complex group of full- and part-time as well as seasonal associates in addition to meeting unique compliance requirements of the California meal and rest breaks. The self-service features have also empowered our associates and helped increase productivity and engagement."
  • Liz Moughan, senior director, retail and hospitality practice group, Kronos
    "Kronos retail customers are increasingly turning to our Attestation Tool Kit, a powerful solution offering managers and associates the ability to comply with labor laws. We are excited to see this demand and we're also pleased to see how the tool kit has evolved into an even more compelling solution for retailers as they increasingly realize the value of offering their associates more control over their work days and benefits. As retailers expand their national and global footprints, having a single solution that helps manage compliance with a diverse set of legislations while empowering associates is a win-win."

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