Striking the delicate balance between public service and managing taxpayer dollars is a challenge that the public sector is tasked with each day. With growing scrutiny about escalating overtime costs, public sector organizations are increasingly turning to Kronos Incorporated for workforce management solutions to more effectively manage overtime.

News Facts

  • Public service does not stop at specific hours of the day and unexpected peaks in demand can arise anytime, so overtime can be an invaluable tool to address these needs. However, if overtime is not managed, it impacts more than operational expenses, jeopardizing employee morale and quality of work.
  • Today, more than 2,000 public sector entities including federal, state, and local governments; public safety organizations; and K-12 and higher education institutions use Kronos solutions to automate and standardize workforce management processes, gaining the visibility required to manage overtime more precisely.
  • Dodge County, Wis., a user of the Kronos full suite of workforce management solutions across all departments, recently extended the use of Kronos in its long-term care facility, Clearview, for better overtime management. With Kronos, Clearview achieved many benefits through real-time visibility into anticipated and unexpected overtime. Clearview operators can now view specific units where overtime is heavy and quickly identify and resolve the underlying issue. In addition, employees now have easy access to their own time-worked, vacation, and overtime information through self-service features. This increased transparency has helped improve employee engagement.
  • Other examples of how organizations utilize Kronos to more effectively manage overtime include one of the largest law enforcement agencies in the U.S. using Kronos to understand root causes of unnecessary overtime and apply it in a more consistent manner. Also, as Kronos integrates with the law enforcement agency's ERP system, decision makers can see a fuller picture, allowing them to work with staff to not only ensure that overtime abuse is restricted but also review trends and plan budgets accordingly. For example, each year, the agency's inmates and custody officers help fight wildfires and while exact timing cannot be planned ahead, budget can be allocated based on historical trends.

Supporting Quotes

  • Mollie Lombardi, co-founder and chief executive officer, Aptitude Research Partners
    "Public sector organizations are operating in a complex environment. Employees want more mobility and ease of use in the technologies they interact with and organizations need to ensure compliance with union and other rules. All of these issues are driving the need for automation. When it comes to overtime, we have to understand that public service does not end its workday at 5:00 p.m. so more automation is needed to grasp the impact of overtime in the moment while empowering and engaging the workforce."
  • Sarah Eske, director, human resources, Dodge County, Wis.
    "With Kronos, we have not only eliminated hundreds of manual hours each payroll processing cycle; we have also gained visibility into overtime trends, which is critical for managing costs as well as ensuring that employees are happy and not overworked."
  • Rock Regan, director, public sector practice group, Kronos
    "An automated solution is the only way to ensure that employees in the public sector get compensated correctly for their overtime, helping them feel more motivated, while enabling the organizations to manage expenses so they can allocate additional dollars to citizen services. At Kronos, we remain committed to helping our public sector customers meet and exceed their citizen services objectives with continuous innovation efforts and the latest in workforce management technology."

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