LAS VEGAS, KronosWorks, Nov 13, 2017

Kronos Incorporated today introduced innovative and powerful enhancements to the Kronos Workforce Ready human capital management (HCM) suite to support employee development and growth, including Employee Perspectives, a real-time performance management tool to facilitate continuous feedback for hourly employees.

News Facts

  • Employee Perspectives enables real-time performance management for frontline workers
    • Employee Perspectives enhances hourly workforce performance reviews with metric-backed scorecards updated in real-time, allowing an employee to measure their performance against organizational goals.
    • Leveraging an evidence-based approach that provides continuous feedback, Employee Perspectives ensures consistency; increases transparency by clearly communicating how an employee is performing and what can be done to make improvements; and injects fairness into compensation decisions by establishing clear benchmarks that must be achieved.
    • Managers can leverage real-time scorecards when making strategic scheduling decisions. For example, they may assign the most critical shifts to employees with high reliability ratings or provide a desirable shift to an employee with a low engagement score.
  • Succession Planning helps groom top talent to reach the next level
    • Workforce Ready delivers a configurable talent matrix dashboard that measures employee performance and potential, allowing organizations to pinpoint the development needs of their workforce.
    • Employee profiles evaluate an employee’s readiness to advance, potential to contribute, retention risk, and impact their departure would have on the organization, painting a complete picture of an individual’s contributions to success.
    • By leveraging HR, performance, and workforce data within Workforce Ready, arbitrary judgements about employee readiness are replaced with a formal process that encourages a commitment to employee growth and development through mentorship.
  • Workforce Ready introduces Position Management
    • Position management helps organizations with employees who work multiple roles that may require different salary amounts, allowances, vacation and sick time accruals, or benefits and paycheck deductions.
    • By simplifying the relationship between positions, jobs, and organizational structure, every position needed to operate the business exists independent of individual employee roles. This enables recruiters to have better visibility into staffing needs and simplifies succession planning.
  • Predictive scheduling compliance removes guesswork from new schedule stability regulations
    • As more states and municipalities, such as San Francisco and Seattle, enact schedule stability guidelines, Workforce Ready introduces specific workflows to streamline additional steps that must be taken if an employee’s schedule is changed within the regulated timeframe.
    • Within the scheduling module, managers can now enact schedule change requests that allow an employee to accept or reject proposed changes.
    • Automated pay rules ensure the employee is accurately compensated for affected changes, allowing organizations to automatically add either the pre-determined dollar amount or a specific time total to the timesheet.
  • Reimagined user experience to drive customer success and user adoption
    • Workforce Ready will soon include a completely redesigned user experience that delivers a modern, highly intuitive, and responsive design, providing users with feature parity and a unified experience across desktop, smart phones and tablets.
    • Expanded mobile self-service tools will empower employees to take even more control over their benefits, schedules, timecards, accruals, and work information. Managers can manage on-the-go with the ability to access additional reports and grant more approvals than previously possible.
    • The new user interface reimagines the steps of key workflow processes so they can be completed with the fewest taps on the screen possible, making it easier than ever to recruit top talent, develop and engage the workforce, and manage the entire employee lifecycle from a smart phone or tablet.
    • Release will be phased beginning in December for mobile, followed by the desktop in 2018.

Supporting Quotes

  • Bob DelPonte, vice president and general manager, Workforce Ready group, Kronos
    “Continuous performance feedback is an important tool that helps employees learn, develop, and stay engaged. With Employee Perspectives, hourly employees will benefit from this real-time approach. By leveraging an evidence-based strategy that provides ongoing feedback, organizations can transition from an annual review cycle that relies on anecdotal and even unintentionally biased observations to a system that uses the full breadth of workforce data within Workforce Ready to give employees consistent, transparent, and fair feedback on their performance and progression every day.”
  • Michael Rochelle, chief strategy officer, Brandon Hall Group
    “Many organizations often struggle to build a highly engaged, hourly workforce. Delivering benefits such as performance management and professional development – which are usually only associated with salaried jobs – reinforces that many hourly positions offer a rewarding career path. Workforce Ready’s ability to leverage the extensive workforce data available within its unified suite to offer real-time feedback to hourly employees is a powerful example of real innovation that can help move the employee engagement needle. The addition of succession planning and position management will also help organizations advance top talent through the ranks.”
  • John Leopold, vice president of technology, Goodwill of Central and Coastal Virginia
    “Workforce Ready is a powerful tool that helps our organization attract, engage, and develop the high-performing workforce that is necessary to make a difference in our communities. It simplifies key business functions, such as recruiting, performance management, and payroll, allowing our teams to minimize administrative work and dedicate even more resources to our most important organizational goals.”

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