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 Kronos Incorporated today announced availability of Your Last Differentiator: Human Capital, authored by Gregg Gordon, vice president of the data science practice group at Kronos. The new book discusses how organizations can improve the experience for their workforces and achieve best business and service outcomes. The fundamental premise of Your Last Differentiator: Human Capital is that the workforce is the key to winning and employee engagement and fiscal performance are not mutually exclusive. In fact, Gordon asserts that employees are the reason customers love a brand and elaborates upon how to build a culture that attracts, retains, and engages today’s multi-generational workforce.

News Facts

  • While Gordon’s book challenges readers to think about strategy and the workforce, it brings a unique perspective of engaging both hourly and salaried workers. The book aims to inspire leaders and people managers to think about how to holistically develop an organization’s workforce including building upon the vision for the hourly workforce.
  • Your Last Differentiator: Human Capital covers timely topics such as transforming the workforce for the digital era; keeping the entrepreneurial spirit alive for organizations of any size; and understanding that employee engagement is ultimately a financial strategy. Today, employee engagement is not just the responsibility of Human Resources (HR). Accountability lies with all people managers. For example, turnover is not just an HR problem, it’s a business problem and Gordon provides advice on how to navigate the complexities of today’s workforce to provide transparency and trust to all employees for optimal business outcomes.
  • Ultimately, acquiring capital and technology is no longer a barrier to entry in any market, and the workforce’s application of capital and technology is the primary competitive differentiation. Gordon establishes this in the book through vivid examples of disruption and innovation.
  • The forward is written by David Creelman, chief executive officer of Creelman Research, who ends his introduction by saying: “This is a short book that should inspire a long period of thinking.”
  • Your Last Differentiator: Human Capital is available on An e-book version will be available soon on the author’s blog and the first chapter is available for download here.

Book Endorsements

  • Jason Averbook, MBA, founder and chief executive officer, LeapGEN; former chief executive officer, The Marcus Buckingham Company
    “For existing organizations to compete with startups now and in the future, they must fully utilize the talents in their workforce. This informative and accessible book illustrates patterns in behavior, and the role transparency, trust, and respect play today in workforce adaptability and management. It offers ways organizations can engage, motivate, nurture, and empower employees – all resulting in improved outcomes in challenging markets.”
  • Nick Bontis, PhD, McMaster University; director, Institute for Intellectual Capital Research
    “From cover to cover this book underscores the business benefits that accrue when organizations acknowledge and invest in their most important asset: talent. The author offers actionable workforce engagement strategies from world-class organizations and highlights the outcomes achieved even in some challenging and transformative markets. The text is well-written, thorough, and a pleasure to read. For me, this is a clear ‘must read’ and a staple for any executive’s bookshelf.”
  • Judy Heyboer, MBA, executive coach and HR consultant, former senior vice president, Genentech, Inc.
    “This book provides a perspective on business planning missed by most management books – that a talented workforce is a company’s largest differentiator. There’s no question investing in your workforce will lead to better returns down the road – but this book reveals some of the forms that investment should take to maximize results in today’s markets.”
  • George LaRocque, principal analyst and founder, HRWins; founder and original conference chair, InfluenceHR
    “This book delivers an intuitive roadmap for existing organizations to compete in challenging markets, fully utilizing their talent and improving the workforce experience. I can attest to the quality and value this insightful book presents on the key HR issue that matters most to businesses today – human capital.”
  • Lexy Martin, MA, principal, research and customer value, Visier; former vice president, research and analytics, Sierra-Cedar
    “Workforce engagement efforts and improved financial performance go hand in hand. In fact, some of the most innovative companies have figured out how to do both. This book offers a very savvy, sorely needed look at the relationships between human capital, employee engagement, and the bottom line in organizations. It provides lots of data that everyone will find valuable (and just plain interesting). Further, this gem of a book offers practical guidance and thought-provoking insights – the reader is taken beyond theory and provided with real examples of workforce engagement efforts leading to better returns and the ability to achieve greater competitive differentiation in changing markets.”
  • David Shadovitz, editor, HR Executive
    “The power of this book is to take its timely shared knowledge and advice to your own organization. Whether your organization is in the public or private sector, there is no question, investing in your workforce – and capturing its enormous performance potential with both trust and respect – will result in a strong return on investment.”
  • David Willensky, MBA, managing director and founder, The Advisory Group, Inc.; former Partner, McKinsey & Company
    “Nothing is more valuable in business than an agile and adaptive workforce. This book offers ways to enable and enhance an organization’s talent for maximum innovation and competitive advantage. I'd recommend it for its far-reaching insights.”

Supporting Resources

  • Kronos made this announcement from the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) Annual Conference & Exposition being held this week in New Orleans. Kronos is exhibiting in booth #1532. The author, Gregg Gordon will be signing copies of the book from 12:30-2:00 p.m. on Monday, June 19th at the Kronos booth. Complimentary refreshments will be served.
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