CHICAGO, SHRM 2018 Annual Conference and Exposition, Jun 18, 2018

Kronos Incorporated today announced that its next-generation workforce management solution, Workforce Dimensions, is cited by Gartner in its research report, “Prepare Yourself for the Future of Workforce Management.1

News Facts

  • Manage strategically: Automating administrative work creates more time for managers to pursue high-value business activities
    • Gartner’s report states “some offerings today allow the workforce management system to automatically approve or deny time-off requests without manager intervention. The system does this by ensuring that the employee submitting a time-off request has accrued enough time off and that the time taken does not compromise shift coverage, safety requirements or ‘blackout’ periods.”
    • Workforce Dimensions is the first and only workforce management suite to augment the role of the manager as a core feature. Workforce Advisor, a personal digital consultant for managers, utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to make real-time decisions and provide recommendations for repetitive, everyday administrative processes.
    • Unburdened from so many high-touch, high-volume requests, managers can redeploy their attention to identify workforce trends, optimize their operations, interact with customers, help develop employees, and resolve potential issues with the game-changing embedded analytics available within Workforce Dimensions. The solution gives managers real-time insight into the impact that absences, open shifts, and schedule changes have on labor spend and key performance indicators.
  • Empower employees: Organizations should leverage the full power of mobile
    • According to Gartner, “the future of workforce management is tied to mobile and to virtual assistants, so this is a case of ‘when,’ rather than ‘if,’ it happens.”
    • Workforce Dimensions offers a mobile-first user experience that is device-agnostic, eliminating the need for a separate mobile application and allowing users to move from mobile phone, to tablet, to desktop with no feature loss.
    • Just as Workforce Advisor provides real-time approvals on behalf of managers, it enables employees to request and receive time-off in real-time. Shift-swapping also becomes intelligent in Workforce Dimensions, with the solution suggesting co-workers who are available, qualified, and likely to switch when an employee needs time off, then executing the swap without manager intervention once both employees agree.
    • Virtual assistants – such as Workforce Advisor and other chatbots being developed by Kronos, like the Kronos-Microsoft Teams chatbot – create engaging alternatives for managers and employees to interact with workforce solutions.
  • A modern cloud platform: Kronos D5 delivers industry-first breakthroughs
    • According to Gartner, “new platforms will be cloud-native, mobile-native, and real-time data-driven, have in-memory data processing for faster operating speeds, will constantly be updated with new innovative functionality, and will be easy to extend and integrate with other systems.”
    • The intelligent Kronos D5 platform, which is the foundation of Workforce Dimensions, delivers on the vision for a modern cloud platform, leveraging AI to drive smart, predictive, and personalized recommendations, and in-memory computing, a reimagined domain model, and unified information architecture to process massive amounts of data in real-time to enable innovative features like embedded analytics and proactive compliance.
    • To support further development of first-to-the-world workforce applications – whether built by Kronos, a customer, or third-party developer – a robust API framework and developer portal provides wide-ranging extensibility and simplified integration opportunities, creating limitless possibilities to shape the future of work through innovation.

Supporting Quotes

  • Jayson Saba, senior director, product marketing and industry relations, Kronos
    “The way we work is changing and the technology that helps us manage the workforce must change, too. Modern workforce management solutions must be cloud-native, mobile-native, and data-driven in real time. Artificial intelligence and machine learning will allow managers to manage in the moment and empower employees to take control of their schedules and work decisions. With the rapid adoption of Workforce Dimensions, Kronos is at the forefront of transforming the future of work.”

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