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Kronos Incorporated today announced an array of enhancements to the Kronos Workforce Central suite that will help human resources (HR) leaders better understand human capital trends within their organization; empower employees to take even more ownership of their work schedules through mobile self-service; and further mitigate compliance risk associated with complex and often challenging international labor laws.

News Facts

  • Making Data-driven Decisions: Advanced HR Reporting Tools Help Identify Workforce Trends Before Problems Arise
    • To help organizations of all sizes and across all industries develop and retain the most engaged workforce possible, the latest release of Workforce Central features advanced HR reporting capabilities that will make it simple for HR leaders to use workforce data related to performance, hiring, turnover, and other areas to make people-centric decisions.
    • Dashboards, which provide at-a-glance, detailed visualizations, shine a spotlight on undiagnosed problems that may be lurking in heaps of data. For example, turnover analysis will help HR leaders better understand why employees may be leaving, allowing them to proactively create programs that address specific areas of concern.
    • Organizations can intuitively build their own dashboards or leverage additional out-of-the-box reports including new hire analysis to see average annual pay by tenure to make more informed compensation decisions, number of new hires by department to identify potential retention issues, and top candidate sourcing options to optimize recruiting spend.
  • Self-service Platform of Choice: 8 Million Employees Now Use Kronos Mobile Solutions to Strike Better Work-Life Balance, Enable More Control of Schedules
    • Introduction of newly configurable access profiles will allow organizations to tailor the mobile experience an employee receives by location or device. For example, employers can identify specific features and information employees can access using the Kronos mobile solution while they are outside of the workplace – such as their work schedule, time-off bank, and/or shift-swapping tools – reinforcing there is no expectation to handle other work-related matters while off the clock.
    • Mobile punch reminders alert employees and managers of a missed punch so issues can be resolved before too much time has passed, while partial timecard approvals provide greater flexibility by allowing employees to approve timecards at their convenience.
    • Recognizing there is no one-size-fits-all approach to workplace terminology, Kronos also now allows customers the opportunity to rename modules and replace certain icons within the Kronos mobile solution to match their own employer brand. For example, the Accruals module could be renamed “PTO Bank” or “My Time Off,” creating an even more intuitive experience for employees.
  • Workforce Central now supports 18 languages, including Hindi and Czech
    • The addition of Hindi – which 600 million people speak as a primary or secondary language every day – as well as Czech, raises the total number of languages supported by Workforce Central to 18. Kronos continues to offer a translation toolkit that allows customers and partners to translate the platform into additional languages.

Supporting Quotes

  • Bill Bartow, vice president, global product management, Kronos
    “Whether it is delivering easy-to-read data visualizations to help HR managers simplify business intelligence needs; providing hourly staff with mobile solutions that empower them to find greater work-life balance; or communicating to employees via 18 different languages, Kronos is focused on delivering a wide array of innovative tools and technologies to help everyone within an organization feel engaged through their work experience.”
  • Leah Messenger, project/payroll manager, Aztec Shops Ltd.
    “We have seen numerous benefits across our business since deploying Workforce Central. The ACA reporting tool is an excellent resource for managing medical benefits compliance as well as other benefit checkpoints. Our managers and employees can more easily stay up-to-date on certification while helping us manage professional development. Reporting tools have translated into huge time savings, while the ability to store employee documents in one place helped us go paperless and eliminate a lot of admin work, empowering both managers and employees to focus on other important work they need to get done. With the new enhancements, we’re excited about the new business intelligence reporting, which we’re confident will assist our HR team in many ways by arming us with pertinent data to make the best business decisions possible.”
  • Mark Smith, CEO and chief research officer, Ventana Research
    “Identifying engagement trends and understanding the drivers behind them is a critical need for every organization. With its latest enhancements to the Workforce Central suite, Kronos continues to make it simpler for everyone in an organization - including HR, operations, and senior/executive leadership – to fully leverage valuable workforce data to make better decisions about their people and personnel.”

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