Partner Program Benefits

The Kronos® Connect Partner Program provides many benefits to your organization and your customers. You benefit by broadening your workforce management product and service offerings, and your customers benefit through the convenience of working with just one vendor to service all of their workforce management needs.

As partners, Kronos will work together with your organization to:

  • Provide full-service workforce management solutions for employees and employers
  • Increase revenue, expand your footprint, and add industry-leading solutions to your portfolio
  • Co-align with the Kronos brand, and utilize our marketing and distribution strategies to better your own
  • Strengthen the customer’s loyalty through this partnership

What the Kronos Connect partnership means to your customers:

  • Together we act as a single trusted provider to solve all workforce management needs
  • Together we solve business problems and deliver increased ROI
  • Together we put our customers at ease, by providing the experience they expect — and deserve — in all workforce management functions

What the Kronos Connect partnership means to you:

  • A Kronos partnership is about collaboration. We will partner with you to help you expand and grow your business.
  • Expansion and exposure. All of our partners are promoted as certified members of the KCCP on the Kronos website.
  • Featured promotion at industry events. Your organization will have the opportunity to be featured at many of our heavily attended events, including our annual customer conference, KronosWorks™.
  • Recognition in promotional materials. Kronos will endorse your organization’s certification in any applicable marketing materials.
  • Collaboration in special events and seminars. We will aim to market our KCCP partnership while accentuating the expansive experience and skill sets that our strategic alliance brings.
  • Authorized logo use. As an official partner of Kronos, you may use our Kronos Connect logo on any appropriate materials (subject to our use guidelines).