Your Last Differentiator: Human Capital

Your Last Differentiator: Human Capital

Gregg Gordon’s new book, Your Last Differentiator: Human Capital, celebrates the workforce as any organization’s biggest differentiator. Acquiring capital and technology is no longer a barrier to entry in any market, and the workforce’s application of capital and technology is what provides innovation and competitive differentiation. For existing organizations to compete with agile startups, they must fully utilize the talents of their workforce. The book explores this “activation of the workforce,” which requires transparency, trust, and respect. The author establishes his belief that workforce engagement efforts and improvement in fiscal performance don’t have to be mutually exclusive by examining how innovative organizations improve the experience for their workforce while simultaneously growing the bottom line.

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Lean Labor

Lean Labor Strategies

Increasingly manufacturers everywhere have access to the same raw materials, technology, and distribution. And emerging markets are at once opening up new markets as well as acting as new low wage threats. Lean Labor shows how the workforce, often considered the most valuable asset of an organization, can also be its primary differentiation against today’s growing global competition. The intellectual property developed during an employee’s tenure impacts productivity, quality, and innovation and can become the ongoing differentiation for a manufacturer if the workforce is successfully managed.

Lean Labor is a guidebook that provides a step-by-step process of cultivating a highly effective workforce adopting lean methodologies.  Lean focuses on eliminating effort expended but not valued by customers and this book provides a roadmap of how to eliminate waste while empowering the workforce to make better decisions on a daily basis.  From minimizing payroll errors — to scheduling effectively — to eliminating production losses, many examples are included in the book that demonstrate how manufacturers have successfully changed the way they use labor to reduce costs, shorten lead times, and provide higher levels of service to their customers.

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Lean Labor is now available in Spanish and Chinese. Please contact the author to get your copy.