Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Wednesday, November 15, 2017
12 p.m. – 1 p.m. ET

12:00 p.m. Online

12:00 p.m. Online

No matter what size your business, managing workforce compliance is a complex and high-stakes undertaking. You need to wade through an alphabet soup of acronyms — FLSA. FMLA, ACA, and more — to figure out which labor laws apply to your workforce. Then you need to enforce those regulations accurately and consistently across the organization to minimize compliance risk. But in today's constantly shifting regulatory environment, keeping up with compliance can seem like an overwhelming challenge.

The good news is that automated HR, timekeeping, leave, and payroll solutions empower your teams to manage compliance with federal, state, and local labor laws and other government and industry regulations through rule-driven enforcement and legislative updates. The more you automate and integrate key workforce and HR functions, the better visibility you'll have for proactively managing compliance across your workforce — regardless of how often regulations change.

Join us for Real Risks, Sensible Solutions: Managing Regulatory Compliance with Workforce Automation presented by Laurie McCabe, co-founder of SMB Group, and Toni Coon, CPP, payroll and compliance expert at Kronos. This one-hour webinar will provide valuable insights into:

  • High-impact workforce regulations: Learn which federal, state, and local labor laws you need to watch, how they affect your workforce, and the risks associated with noncompliance.
  • Critical compliance challenges: Find out which factors — from time, budget, and resource constraints to lack of processes and technology — could be impacting your ability to manage compliance effectively.
  • Benefits of automated workforce solutions: Understand how technology provides the integrated framework and automated tools needed to align employment practices with labor laws and regulations.
  • Key criteria for selecting the right technology: Discover the top ten things to look for when evaluating automated workforce solutions for your business.

Speaker Bios:

Laurie McCabe Laurie McCabe
Co-founder and Partner

SMB Group
Laurie McCabe brings more than 25 years of experience in the IT industry to her current role as Cofounder & Partner, SMB Group. Laurie has built widespread recognition for her capabilities and insights in the small and medium business (SMB) market in several areas, including cloud computing, mobile solutions, business solutions, social networking and collaboration, and managed services.

Prior to SMB Group, Laurie worked in analyst roles as a Partner at Hurwitz & Associates; Vice President of SMB Insights & Solutions at AMI-Partners; and Vice President at Summit Strategies, where her original research of the emerging cloud computing model earned her broad recognition as a thought leader in this area. Laurie's nine years at Digital Equipment Corporation, including her last role as Director of Market and Competitive Intelligence, provide her with critical experience from the vendor perspective.

Laurie has earned widespread recognition for her insights into small and medium business (SMB) technology adoption, requirements and challenges. She is a six-time Small Business Influencer Awards winner; has been recognized as one of the 50 Most Influential People in Small Business Marketing by AllBusiness; a member of Dun & Bradstreet's B2B Expert Community; and been named a Top 200 Thought Leaders in Big Data & Analytics by Analytics Week. Laurie blogs often at and over 15,000 people follow her on Twitter.

Toni Coon Toni Coon, CPP
Payroll and Compliance Expert
Kronos Incorporated

Toni Coon is an industry expert within the Payroll and Compliance group practice at Kronos. Toni's first passion is payroll, followed by process improvement and education. Having obtained her Certified Payroll Professional designation in 2002, Toni has led a variety of payroll-focused onboarding classes in her professional roles, while keeping up to date with her own certification.

In 2015, Toni brought her 20 plus years of operational experience to the Kronos team after being a Kronos customer for more than eight years. Leveraging her extensive industry knowledge and experience, Toni works closely with the Kronos sales team to understand market needs and direction and to create thought leadership content that supports company strategy and addresses the day-to-day workforce challenges facing businesses today. She regularly shares her insights through articles, webinars, and speaking opportunities at industry seminars and conferences.

Prior to Kronos, Toni managed the Shared Service Center for Payroll and Timekeeping functions for DHL's three business lines operating in the Americas. During her tenure with DHL, she led and assisted in multiple projects to migrate country business lines (into the Shared Service model), increasing the accuracy, effectiveness, and speed of the systems. She also developed and led a global project team to streamline timekeeping service offerings for DHL's Shared Service Centers around the world.