Workforce Ready provides
three layers of security.
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Workforce Ready Security

Restricted Parking Outside Fenced Perimeter
24-Hour Guard Station at Entrance
Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras Monitor Facility
Only Pre-Approved Visitors
Biometric Access to Secure Areas
Redundant Power and Data Cables Encased in Armored Conduit
Multiple Backbone Providers
Variable Switch Load Balancing of Internet Traffic
2-Megawatt Diesel Backup Generator
Lampertz Vaults Impervious to Smoke, Water, Fire, and Electromagnetic Waves
Multiple Layer Intrusion Detection System
Hardened Operating Systems and Vulnerability Scanning

Surrounded by an iron fence, the facility perimeter is equipped with pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) surveillance cameras and a 24-hour guard station to monitor access. Only pre-approved visitors are granted access during normal business hours and may only access common meeting space. All parking for visitors is restricted to areas outside the fenced perimeter and employee access to the data center requires biometric identification.

All power and data lines are encased in armored conduit. Specially designed Lampertz vaults protect servers, network cabling, power sources, and related hardware against fire, smoke, water, moisture, and electromagnetic pulses. Vault doors are secured with biometric thumbprint readers and monitored by security cameras. Added security is achieved through a multiple-layer intrusion detection system consisting of custom firewall rule sets, private VLANs, and two layers of isolation.