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Workforce Institute

Practical Ideas For Optimizing Your 21st Century Workforce

There's plenty of workforce research on how to manage the salaried worker, but there's never been a clearing house for ideas on how to hire, manage, motivate, and retain the hourly worker, too. Until now.

The Workforce Institute is a Kronos-sponsored think tank that focuses on issues that impact the entire workforce, both salaried and hourly workers. We provide organizations with practical ideas for optimizing the entire employee population.

Visit the Workforce Institute and meet the advisory board of academics, visionaries, and practitioners. Download their articles for free. Read and comment on our blogs. We'd love to add your voice to this new and important conversation.


Workforce Institute Books

Elements of Successful Organizations

july2013-book-thumb-elements-successful-orgs"A must-have resource for workforce management covering how to develop your own skills to master the science of complexity and emerging technologies including my favorite — analytics. This rich toolkit will make you a smarter manager and help you build employee engagement with powerful ROI."

— Alexia (Lexy) Martin, Director, Research and Analytics, CedarCrestone


Creating the Workforce – and Results – You Seek

july2013-book-thumb-creating-the-wf"In this insightful and thought-provoking anthology, the contributors - all well-respected HR thought leaders you're likely to recognize - succeed in going beyond the theory and providing readers with insightful and practical advice on the key HR issues that matter most to businesses today."

— David Shadovitz, Editor, Human Resource Executive