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Is your time clock a slacker?

Clocking InWe have nothing against the time clock. In fact, Kronos invented the electronic time clock in 1979. And our 400-series terminal, released in 1993, quickly became the most popular time clock ever sold. So our roots are firmly entrenched in time clocks and time and attendance.

But time clocks are so 20th century. And we've entered the age of completely automated data collection devices and time and attendance processes. Touch-screen devices that can control access, provide additional security, verify employees with biometric technology, and give you the full power of workforce management.

Kronos data collection devices not only capture employee time transactions. Combined with our completely automated timekeeping, they help you control labor costs. Minimize compliance risk. And improve workforce productivity.  These three benefits are at the core of simplified workforce management. And it all begins with a swipe of the badge.

Want to know more? Learn more about the Kronos® InTouch™, the time clock built for today's modern workforce.