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Built for the Cloud

The sky’s the limit.

Cloud-based applications demand secure devices that can be accessed at any time, from anywhere. The Kronos InTouch® can meet those demands. And one of the most powerful and unique capabilities of InTouch is its ability to be monitored and controlled from a remote location. Combined with VoIP phone support, it delivers an unprecedented level of help to frontline managers and employees alike.

For example, when a user chooses the "Call Assistance" option, the clock automatically dials a predefined telephone support number. Then, using the built-in microphone and speaker, the user can explain the problem directly to the support representative. The representative can then log on to the clock, monitor use, and take control to troubleshoot the problem — wherever that support representative may be.

IPV6, full DNS support, and DHCP for simple configuration

Designed for today’s cloud-centric computing environment, clock-initiated communications allow the device to work on the open internet and through firewalls, while providing plug-and-play capabilities.

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