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Open Apps, Open Minds

InTouch App Platform

We now live in a world where apps have become almost as common as the devices we download them onto. Why should your time clock be any different? We all know that when it comes to workforce productivity, idle time is wasted time. With our open and secure InTouch App platform, the InTouch is always on the clock. Open a maintenance ticket. Execute a survey. Check on sales or census data. Even deliver a video message. You, along with more than 20,000 other Kronos partners and customers, are limited only by your imagination.

Suggest an app

Who knows what your company needs better than yourself? Only Kronos gives you the choice of how to develop your own customized applications. Just tell us what you need.

Build an app

Why suggest an app when you can build your own? Partners, customers, and third-party developers are welcome to request our Software Developer Kit.


Employee Survey

Solicit employee feedback quickly and easily from your Kronos InTouch®.

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