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Data Collection Devices


Technical Information



Kronos data collection options, which include badge and biometric terminals, telephone access, and handheld devices, capture the information needed to fuel your time management solution. Here are some of the features that make them tick:

Kronos 4500™, Kronos 4500 Touch ID™, Kronos 4510 Touch ID™, and Kronos 4500 IP69K

Badge and Biometric Terminal Features:

  • SmartView™ helps improve workforce productivity by allowing employees access to time off balances, schedules, and more — without having to ask a manager or HR for help
  • Touch ID biometrics helps control buddy punching (employees punching in for one another) with a simple finger-scan verification
  • Battery backup means the terminals will continue to function even if the power goes down, and employee information is not lost
  • TCP/IP communications help ensure reliable delivery of information
  • Flash memory backs up data in case of a network or power outage and keeps unique home employee data
  • Gather information at the source — even in harsh environments using the Kronos 4500 IP69K Edition.

Workforce TeleTime IP™

Telephone Time-Tracking Solution Features

  • VOIP-based system so there’s no need to purchase specific telephony hardware
  • Specified access helps prevent fraudulent punches by controlling which phones employees can call in from
  • PIN-based security eliminates the need for badges
  • Multilingual capabilities reach out to a diverse workforce
  • Customized call menus provide high-performance access to employees even at peak usage times
  • Self-service options allow employees to check balances and schedules without using a manager or HR

Handheld Devices

Kronos can provide applications that help you engage mobile employees using personal digital assistants or similar devices. Improve communication and increase the productivity of mobile employees.

Questions about implementing? Get all the facts on our technical information tab, then move over to services to see how Kronos award-winning customer support walks you through the entire process and then keeps you going even after implementation.