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Professional Project Tracking Features





Real-Time Visibility into Staffing and Resources

Kronos® Workforce Activities™ features integrated labor-tracking capabilities that allow you to collect and analyze the data you need to make the most of your workforce. Detailed activity-tracking data provides critical insight into productivity, efficiency, and compliance – giving you unprecedented control over staffing costs and your bottom line. And with Grant and Project Tracking functionality, you can track project progress against grants to ensure labor is in line with budget, planned hours, and results.

Kronos Workforce Activities helps you:

Eliminate time-consuming manual tracking: Fully automated staff tracking streamlines the data and information you need into one portal

Allocate staff resources more effectively: Ensure that the right people with the right skills are where they need to be.

Prevent unnecessary work: Web portals provide on-the-spot insight into a project’s status, helping you avoid over-staffing and control staffing costs.

Maximize grant fund usage: Make the most of grant funding — and minimize compliance risks by tracking grant funds to hours worked or project status.

Other important Workforce Activities features:

  • Time spent on activities can be reconciled against payroll costs to better understand product or service costing
  • Ability to respond to increasing customer demand without sacrificing productivity
  • Performance standards can be improved by identifying strong performers and weak performers, and recalibrating standards accordingly
With our latest release, you can track your workforce in one application. New data analysis tools and dashboards give you complete, real-time visibility. And Grant and Project Tracking makes it easier than ever before to maximize grant funds. These Workforce Activities features combine to help managers and executives make decisions that boost productivity, improve resource utilization, and maximize profits. See how award-winning customer support from Kronos is there for you every step of the way, before and after implementation.