Want Your Stars to Stay? Say Thank You -

It may come as a surprise to you that Friday, March 6th is the 20th anniversary of Employee Appreciation Day.  It was created in 1995 by Bob Nelson, a board member of Recognition Professionals International, as a way of focusing  employers on employee recognition.  It’s probably not surprising to you that lots of employees don’t feel […]

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Wisconsin Cheese Queen! (in the cloud) - Back some time during the 60’s, I was on the Boston-based “Major Mudd” show. It was an afternoon show on WNAC, channel 7 back in the day, and featured 3 Stooges shorts, cartoons, and live studio games where the kids became “contestants.” I remember being a “consolation prize winner,” and nobody wants to be that… […]
Learning to fly in the 4th grade - Listening to 4th grade teacher, Isheba Barker, I immediately flashed back to the Greenwood School in Wakefield, Massachusetts, especially when she said, “when it’s 4th grade, you’re supposed to help kick them out of the nest a little bit.” I immediately got it. Fourth grade was different. It was harder, and it was more work […]


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