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User Adoption Services

Get your Kronos® system up and running quickly and efficiently, with minimal disruption to your organization, with Kronos User Adoption Services. By focusing on employee awareness and engagement, these services help increase user acceptance of your new Kronos system, target employee training, and maximize solution success and ROI for desired business results.

We can help you prepare, evaluate, improve, and support project team members, managers, and staff so they understand the changes ahead. User Adoption Services also set the stage for future success when new employees are hired, solution upgrades are deployed and refresher training is needed.

Services include:

  • User adoption assessment: Identifies and analyzes groups affected by the implementation; assesses education and communication plans
  • Change management: Helps you develop a full change management strategy and provides ongoing support
  • Training development and delivery: Tailors training materials to your employee and system needs and provides a database that mirrors your production environment
  • Performance support: Helps you develop in-the-moment performance support tools, including print and online interactive job aids and task simulations