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With over 35 years of workforce management experience in every major industry and country, we can help you plan a smart workforce management strategy for your organization. And a critical part of that strategy includes preparing for the changes your organization will face during the deployment of new technology. When you’re ready to take that important next step, Kronos offers services to help you best plan your strategy and prepare your organization for change — for an easier transition and clearer path to success.

Strategic Roadmaps: Guiding Your Path to Success

Shifting economic conditions, disruptive technologies, leadership changes, mergers and acquisitions, and other factors create new opportunities and threats that influence an organization’s ability to stay competitive and profitable. Business leaders are responsible for guiding organizations through these changes with new business strategies that directly affect employees and how they are managed. Learn how a strategic roadmap can help ensure your workforce management system continues to support evolving business strategies for continued success.

Strategic Enterprise Deployment Assessment

Whether you’re a small to mid-sized business or a global enterprise, Kronos can help you develop and execute a workforce management strategy and roadmap for your organization. Our assessments range from simply calculating the value of automating workforce management for the first time to assessing the value of workforce analytics, moving to the cloud, or even a comprehensive assessment for a global deployment.

Change Management

Even the best technology won’t add value to your organization if people fail to use it. Kronos User Adoption Services focuses on the people side of your change so you can realize faster time to value. We use a structured change management approach to help your people embrace, adopt, and use your Kronos solution effectively.

Our global team of Prosci®-certified change management practitioners provide recommendations based on your unique challenges and opportunities. We can help you create a comprehensive change management plan to drive user adoption, which maximizes your return on investment. Taking a strategic approach to change helps you get the most out of your Kronos solution. Organizations around the world use Kronos to control labor costs, minimize compliance risks, and improve workforce productivity.


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