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Optimization Services

Kronos® Optimization Services are the best way to ensure you’re getting all the value you can from your Kronos workforce management solution investment.


With a Kronos Optimization Analysis, we proactively assess your workforce management system and make recommendations to help you get the most from your applications, processes, configurations, and technologies ― and be more competitive.

The Kronos Optimized Checkup evaluates your existing solution and related business processes and recommends upgrade tactics, process and configuration changes, and other strategies for realizing even greater value from your Kronos investment.


Whether your Kronos solution is deployed on premise or in our secure private cloud, our technology services will help you identify and address potential technical challenges to determine accurate database requirements, improve response time, and minimize downtime.



Kronos has integrated our solutions with thousands of third-party applications to help ensure efficient, reliable data capture and exchange. Our experienced consultants will work with you to seamlessly integrate your solution with key business systems and applications across the enterprise.

Report Writing

We can modify and customize your existing Kronos reports, develop new reports, or show you how to develop the reports yourself.


  • The Kronos Full-Time/Part-Time Analysis Report: Gain better visibility into how you’re adhering to your Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance strategy. This report works with your Kronos solution to provide both critical look-back analysis as well as current status of your full-time and part-time employees to keep your organizational costs predictable and under control.
  • The Kronos Attestation Tool Kit: Our attestation tools make it easier than ever to enforce employee time and approval compliance. Employees enjoy convenient self-service time management features ― while managers can quickly access real-time employee data so they can take immediate action to correct potential compliance issues.
  • FT-PT Analysis Report

    The Kronos® Full-Time/Part-Time Analysis Report streamlines the process of determining your employees’ status and, therefore, their eligibility for healthcare coverage under the ACA. This report provides accurate, detailed labor information that will help you figure out the right mix of full-time and part-time employees to support your ACA compliance strategy — without compromising service levels, workforce satisfaction, or bottom-line results

  • Optimized Checkup: Optimize Workforce Management and Achieve Your Critical Business Goals

    How can you determine if your Kronos system is being used to its full advantage? The Optimized Checkup assesses your existing workforce management solution — configuration and related business processes — and gives you actionable strategies to realize even better business results from your Kronos investment.

  • Technology Services Datasheet

    Kronos Technology Services provides analysis, migration, and performance-based services on an as-needed basis to help customers optimize their existing Kronos solution infrastructure.

  • Attestation Tool Kit

    The Kronos Attestation Tool Kit gives both managers and employees the tools they need to help comply with state, local, union and organization policies. It provides employees the ability to access, review and approve or reject their timecards at the Kronos 4500 data terminals or online using a web-based tool. It also allows employees to designate whether they took their lunch break or not when they punch out. The components of the Attestation Tool Kit make it easier than ever to enforce employee time and approval compliance.

  • Report Writing Services Datasheet

    With Report Writing Services, you can receive one-of-a-kind reports, customize existing Kronos reports, develop new ones, or learn how to create reports yourself.

  • Kronos Integration Solutions Datasheet

    Kronos Integration Solutions provides you with validated third-party interfaces and proven integration tools to address your organization's unique and complex requirements, ensuring efficient and reliable data capture and exchange.