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Cloud Services

Once you’ve selected the Kronos® solution that best meets your organization’s needs, you have a choice of deploying it in your own on-premise data center or in our secure private cloud. Letting Kronos Cloud Services host and/or manage your application has many advantages, including:

  • Unsurpassed solution expertise and operational support that can help unburden your IT staff to focus on core business initiatives
  • Fast access to the latest solution upgrades and workforce management tools for higher productivity and labor cost savings

Find out why so many customers find Kronos more valuable in the cloud

When it comes to hosting and application management, you can count on Kronos Cloud Services to deliver the experience you expect.

Kronos Cloud Services can handle all the technical issues associated with your solution. We’ll install application and database-level service packs and patches, new technical versions, and legislative updates, make changes to your existing configurations, and perform regular system health checks with tuning recommendations. And all at a predictable monthly expense.



Learn how Kronos manages infrastructure security.


Technical Support

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