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Workforce Task Management





How Does It Work?

Kronos® Workforce Task Management™ allows you to focus on driving sales and customer satisfaction by streamlining store execution management with this simple four-step process:

CREATE: Corporate can easily create and manage projects in a consistent manner. Project creators use an intuitive workflow that guides them through the process of creating projects, tasks, and sub-tasks.

Corporate can assign projects to a particular location or group of locations, and optionally by department. Project creators can prioritize projects at 3 levels, and even specify how long they should take to help managers with planning and staffing. Finally, they can attach documents, URLs, and images to provide direction for accurate execution.

APPROVE: Workforce Task Management provides gatekeepers with just the right amount of information to approve or defer projects. At a glance, they can see which projects are a priority (e.g., product recalls) and quickly release those to be executed. This approval process not only improves gatekeeper efficiency, but also ensures that stores receive projects in a timely manner so they can execute according to the predetermined timeline.

EXECUTE: Managers have instant access to an organized project list to track their assigned projects and related tasks and sub-tasks. They can assign tasks to individual employees and track how long the tasks take to complete. Managers can easily access the URLs, documents, and images that corporate attached when creating the project and attach their own image once the project is completed. This improves consistent execution across locations and compliance with corporate requirements.

Calendar and list views display projects, tasks, and sub-tasks visually to make it easier for the manager to track and assign tasks. This helps improve customer satisfaction by providing managers with the information they need to execute on tasks during non-peak selling times.

VERIFY: Dashboards give field management and executives access to information specific to their roles and responsibilities. In real time, they can view color-coded status indicators for all active projects that have been released to the locations in their domain. This allows them to proactively identify at-risk projects.

They can also drill down on any store or project to see detailed information when necessary. Stores are held accountable for completing projects on time and consistently across locations. This ensures compliance, especially around the completion of emergency-related projects.

  • Workforce Task Management Datasheet

    The Workforce Task Management™ solution simplifies store execution management. Now, key stakeholders in the store execution process – task creators, gatekeepers, managers, and corporate – all have access to exactly the right level of information they need to perform their roles. As a result, they can raise productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and increase sales.

  • Workforce Management: Operational Excellence in Retail

    Learn how to break away from the pack in today’s competitive retail environment and make customers choose to spend their discretionary dollars with you. 

    In any industry, operational excellence revolves around several key business outcomes, including productivity, cost control, and quality of service. Retail is no excep­tion. For retailers, all these outcomes are highly, if not entirely, dependent on the quality of the workforce and how it is managed.

    Find out what challenges retailers from various industry segments are facing, and what opportunities to drive operational excellence a workforce management solution can provide.