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Workforce Scheduler





The Magic Behind Our Automated Employee Scheduling

Workforce Scheduler™ leaves the guesswork at the door and allows you to align labor to demand while focusing on employee satisfaction with these innovative features:

Optimized Schedule Generation:The best of the best, right off the bat. Sophisticated optimization algorithms automatically converge on the best fit schedule that meets the needs of your business, as well as your employees.

Employee Self-Service: Empower and engage employees with advanced self-service capabilities such as swapping shifts, selecting shift preferences and availability, viewing schedules on mobile phones, and even self-scheduling their own shifts in a familiar calendar view.

Fatigue Management: Boost employee satisfaction and minimize safety threats by using automated employee rest rules, rule violation warnings, and proactive alerting.

Call List: Got that dreaded sick call? Not to worry, the call list discovers and lists the most appropriate employees available to fill an open shift based on company policies and employee preferences.

Mobile Scheduling: Ready to fill an open shift due to a sick call? Let your technology do the talking. SMS Quick Fill™ sends a text message to qualified candidates that a shift is available. When the responses come in, the system assigns the shift to the employee who is the most senior or the first to respond.

Staffing Management: Get a complete view of your organization’s staffing coverage by unit, department, location, etc. Use visual indicators to determine which areas are over or under-covered. Transfer employees to balance coverage on the desktop or tablet with drag and drop ease.

Multi-National Scheduling Rules: Plan and execute employee schedules that comply with country-specific legislation, collective agreements, and employee contracts. Define a minimum or maximum number of hours for employees to work in an extended period of time up to one year.

Minimize Compliance Risk: Stayon top of state and federal fatigue and schedule laws through the HR andPayroll Answerforce™ service with key compliance information available at yourfingertips.

  • For One Health System, Better Labor Management Pays Off in Multiple Ways

    By automating their labor allocation North Shore LIJ has been able to better control their labor costs and manage their labor more efficiently.  They have also introduced self-scheduling which has decreased the time spent on scheduling and uncovered ways to use their per diems more effectively.

  • Genesis HealthCare Sees More Efficient Staffing and Significant Labor Savings with Kronos

    Genesis HealthCare turns to Kronos scheduling solution, including Workforce Workload Manager and Workforce Target Intelligence, to support compliance with the new staffing and reporting requirements, and was able to realize $2.2M in labor savings in first year.

  • Next Generation WFM: The ROI for Accurate Scheduling

    Every day, organizations must solve the jigsaw puzzle of scheduling – matching up availability, skills and business demand to create an efficient, effective schedule that maximizes productivity while minimizing costs. Despite years of struggling with this critical issue, many organizations still find themselves with overstaffed shifts, shorthanded rushes, and unacceptable levels of productivity. This research brief will look at how organizations automate and optimize scheduling to improve customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and business results.  Learn how one customer built the business case for an advanced scheduling solution that helped decrease overall labor hours by 15 percent.  

  • Allina Hospitals and Clinics Improves Productivity and Accountability with Kronos for Healthcare

    Six of the organization’s 11 hospitals are using the automated scheduling solution, and all are utilizing Kronos Workforce Analytics for Healthcare to gain increased visibility of and reporting on workforce data.  With core reports on their desktop, managers can easily see incremental overtime by employee, allowing them to reduce unplanned overtime and better control labor costs.

  • Forrester Study, Kronos Workforce Central Suite Total Economic Impact: A First Look

    Commissioned Forrester study estimates risk-adjusted, three-year savings at $3.9 million. *   In this summary of a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Kronos, you’ll discover how customers that deployed the Kronos Workforce Central® suite were able to increase productivity, control payroll and labor costs, and the positive impact it had on their return on investment.  You’ll learn about the financial impact of replacing an organization’s existing and decentralized legacy tools and applications – many which rely on manual, paper-based processes – with Workforce Central.   *The Total Economic Impact of Kronos Workforce Central Suite, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Kronos, September 2011. (Based upon ROI of Kronos customers studied. Individual results may vary.)

  • Workforce Scheduling 2011: Automation Drives Accuracy, Efficiency, Business Outcomes

    This report, based on data from more than 200 organizations, builds on Aberdeen's previous research by examining how best-in-class organizations leverage workforce scheduling capabilities and technologies to impact organizational goals.

    Analysis of survey data builds the business case for automation, empowering employees through shift bidding/swapping, and taking advantage of scheduling optimization tools.

    Best-in-class organizations are able to balance the need to manage compliance and headcount costs against employee engagement and manager productivity.

    The study also shows that scheduling accuracy is critical for organizational success.

  • Video: Scheduling Benefits

    Workforce Scheduler is an automated labor scheduling solution that lets managers accurately create schedules that align labor with anticipated demand, while consistently adhering to all company and regulatory scheduling policies.

  • Healthcare Scheduling Solution Guide

     In today’s challenging healthcare environment, how can providers improve the way they schedule and staff their workforce? Now, with the Workforce Scheduler™ solution, healthcare organizations can better align labor resources with patient demand, leading to improved productivity, reduced labor costs, higher employee satisfaction, and quality patient care.

  • Workforce Central® Suite: Scheduling Solutions Comparison

    There are many factors to consider. Workforce complexity. Demand variability. Compliance requirements. Whatever the case, Kronos has a proven solution to help address your scheduling challenges.

  • Scheduling Solution Guide

    This solution guide highlights the value that Kronos® scheduling delivers for organizations across a wide spectrum of industries.