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Facilitate Workload Management, Scheduling, and Productivity

Kronos OptiLink® empowers nursing executives and their staff to manage workload, productivity, and schedules using actual patient demand rather than budgets made in advance.

Using real-time data on admissions, discharges, and transfers, Kronos OptiLink gives a clear picture of patient population and staffing from the unit level through the entire system — enabling hospitals and health systems to make changes that support compliance and budget.

This data-driven decision support helps nursing executives and their staff:

  • Achieve financial savings without compromising care quality or staff satisfaction
  • Increase visibility into staffing and workload
  • Comply with state and federal regulations on staff and patient ratios
  • Set appropriate hours-per-patient-day targets based on actual census information
  • Keep accurate staffing records that describe variances and reasons for changes
  • Enhance relationships between nursing and finance

Learn how healthcare organizations like yours have saved millions of dollars in labor costs and generated millions of dollars through billing by acuity.

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