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iconAcademic Medical Center Saves $10M with Workforce Management
HFMA Healthcare Cost Containment article on Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJUH) saving $10M in 1 year with Kronos workforce management solution. Article explains how RWJUH revamped its workforce management processing, saving more than $10 million in one year. Key to its success was using workforce analytics for healthcare (WAH) to help managers focus on costs, quality and outcomes. Lessons learned for other organizations looking to optimize their labor usage are also shared.
iconCitrus Valley Health Partners Improves Workforce Management with Kronos Solution Redeployment and Optimization
Citrus Valley Health Partners redeploys and optimizes Kronos solution to provide better control of labor costs, improved compliance and increase productivity so the staff has more time to care for patients.
iconBillings Clinic Uses Kronos to Staff to Acuity-Adjusted Census
Billings Clinic uses Kronos scheduling, staffing and workload solution to provide real-time patient data to help managers and leadership staff to acuity-adjusted census. Patient classification and census data are trusted by leadership, making variances relative to budget easier to explain.
iconUintah Basin Healthcare Uses Kronos in the Cloud for Improved Workforce Management and Reporting
Uintah Basin Healthcare uses Kronos Cloud for timekeeping, HR and payroll to manage approximately 700 people across its medical center, 5 satellite clinics, dialysis centers, home care services, and a long-term care facility. Cloud-based solution has freed up IT staff to focus on implementing its EMR system. It has reduced payroll processing from 3 days to 1 day every pay period. And provides them real-time information that increases productivity and helps control labor costs.
iconKronos Workforce Management Maturity Curve for Healthcare
Kronos Workforce Management Maturity Curve is a new and innovative approach to developing your workforce into a competitive advantage. It is a roadmap to success in achieving value-based healthcare.
iconUniversity of Utah Health Care Improves Control of Labor Costs with Kronos for Healthcare
University of Utah Health Care leverages WFS and WF Analytics to reduce agency costs from $1.2M annually to $200,000; save 9% in overtime while increasing staff by 25% in one hospital and has identified over $500,000 in scheduling inefficiencies.
iconSt. Thomas Elgin General Hospital Improves Workforce Management with Kronos for Healthcare
A reduction in average days absent has produced savings of more than $250,000 over two years, while overtime costs decreased $400,000 in the first year.
iconIntegrated Labor Management Solution Helps East Alabama Medical Center Improve Morale, Control Costs
Using Kronos for Healthcare, East Alabama Medical Center (EAMC) EAMC was able to consistently apply attendence policies across all departments which has improved morale, saved $75,000 annually and reduced compliance issues. Real-time visibility of nursing schedules and coverage allows nurse managers to make informed, daily staffing adjustments.
iconGenesis HealthCare Sees More Efficient Staffing and Significant Labor Savings with Kronos
Genesis HealthCare turns to Kronos scheduling solution, including Workforce Workload Manager and Workforce Target Intelligence, to support compliance with the new staffing and reporting requirements, and was able to realize $2.2M in labor savings in first year.
iconAllina Hospitals and Clinics Improves Productivity and Accountability with Kronos for Healthcare
Allina uses Workforce Scheduler and Kronos Workforce Analytics for Healthcare to increase visibility of and reporting on workforce data.

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iconBenefits of Healthcare Analytics
With poor workforce visibility, small decisions can snowball into big problems. Workforce Analytics for Healthcare sheds light on the complex, otherwise hidden workings of your healthcare organization. Turn to Kronos to gain insight into workforce issues to make more informed, fact-based decisions.
iconVideo: Kronos for Healthcare
Need a healthcare workforce management solution that supports quality patient care? We can help you control your biggest expense. Minimize compliance risk. And do more with what you’ve already got. Interested?
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iconNatividad Medical Center Manages Overtime and Boosts Productivity with Kronos
An acute-care teaching hospital, Natividad Medical Center uses the Kronos Workforce Central suite of workforce management solutions to gain visibility into labor data to more effectively manage overtime, improve workforce productivity, and align staff with patient census. All of these benefits help the hospital manage to budget and deliver high-quality patient care.
iconRobert Wood Johnson University Hospital Increases Employee Engagement and Saves 10 Million Dollars with Kronos
Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJUH), flagship hospital of Robert Wood Johnson Health System, implemented an integrated workforce management suite of solutions from Kronos Incorporated to improve productivity and engage employees for even better patient outcomes.
iconHFMA Article: Improving Workforce Management and Spend at North Shore-LIJ
HFMA Cost Containment Article: North Shore-LIJ leverages automation and data to improve labor management and provide more cost-efficient care, and saves almost $3.3 million a year through strategic management of the labor force.
iconMercy Hospital, Iowa City Deploys in the Kronos Cloud
Kronos Incorporated today announced that Mercy Hospital, Iowa City has selected the Kronos Workforce Central suite of workforce management solutions to be deployed in the Kronos Cloud.
iconSaint Mary’s Hospital Deploys in the Kronos Cloud
Saint Mary’s Hospital, a long-standing customer of Kronos Incorporated, is moving its Kronos workforce management applications across all departments for more than 2,000 employees to the Kronos Cloud.
iconFor One Health System, Better Labor Management Pays Off in Multiple Ways
By automating their labor allocation North Shore LIJ has been able to better control its labor costs and utilize their labor resources more effectively.
iconHealth Care Reform: The Key to Success is in the Workforce
In "Health Care Reform: The Key to Success is in the Workforce", Kronos Chief Nurse Executive describes the critical role workforce management practices and technologies will play helping providers transition from volume-driven to a value-driven delivery model.
iconThe Right Nurse In the Right Place At the Right Time
Ten ways to practise evidence-based staffing and scheduling in healthcare
iconWorkforce Management Automation - this technology has spurred multimillion dollar improvements for North Shore-LIJ Health System
North Shore-LIJ Health System, one of the nation’s largest nonprofit secular health systems, implements Kronos’ comprehensive workforce management solution and improves the way it manages employees and day-to-day labor practices while achieving dramatic reductions in overall costs.
iconTaking Workforce Management to the Cloud, HC IT News e-book
Navigating the Cloud, an e-Supplement to Healthcare IT News and Government Health IT, discusses how cloud computing holds great promise for healthcare. The industry's tech-laggard status coupled with its need to manage costs better makes it ripe for the cloud services. Taking Workforce Management to the Cloud e-book explains cloud services, its benefits and why now is the time to move solutions like workforce management to the cloud.

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iconHealthcare Analytics Feature Guide
Tap into workforce data that reveals what’s really going on at your organization. Workforce Analytics™ for Healthcare provides dozens of healthcare-specific reports that shed critical insight into productivity and key performance metrics, labor costs, and opportunities for improvement at your organization. Workforce Analytics for Healthcare delivers the data you need to provide quality patient care and keep employees safe, productive, and engaged.
iconWorkforce Auditor for Healthcare
Kronos Workforce Auditor, featured in Workforce Analytics, helps organizations isolate specific dysfunctional behaviors and systemic violations of labor management policies before they adversely affect labor costs, employee engagement, or compliance.
iconKronos CSG Partnership Services – Change Management Services
Clinical Solutions Group (CSG) Partnership Services delivers expert guidance to assist your organization with the change management processes essential to successful implementation, high user adoption, and long-term optimization of your Workforce Scheduler extension capabilities.
iconTop Ten Reasons Healthcare Organizations Make the Move: The Kronos Cloud
According to a HIMSS Analytics study published in mid-2014, healthcare providers' cloud usage is accelerating. Of the 150 survey respondents, 83% were using the cloud in some way. This datasheet covers the top 10 reasons why you should consider moving to the Kronos Cloud.
iconWorkforce Scheduler for Healthcare - SMS Quick Fill
FILL OPEN SHIFTS QUICKLY, EFFICIENTLY, AND FAIRLY -- Workforce Scheduler™ mobile SMS Quick Fill™ feature is a one-click method of filling shifts that become available after schedules have been created. Facilitating two-way mobile communication between staffing coordinators or managers and their employees, SMS Quick Fill is the ideal method of finding the right staff members to pick up open shifts.
iconProductivity Reporting with Kronos for Healthcare
Kronos measures productivity in labor hours per unit of work. In workforce management there are three critical points in the workflow process where this measurement is available.
iconKronos for Healthcare: Community Hospitals
Community hospitals, the backbone for healthcare delivery in this country, face unique challenges in delivering value-based care with its focus on costs, quality and outcomes. Lacking economies of scale for cost containment, community hospitals must turn their workforce into a competitive advantage.
iconTechnology Services Datasheet
Kronos Technology Services provides analysis, migration, and performance-based services on an as-needed basis to help customers optimize their existing Kronos solution infrastructure.
iconKronos InTouch Brochure
The Kronos InTouch provides an unrivaled user experience that reshapes the way you think about — and the way employees interact with — your workforce management system. All through a simple touch-screen time clock designed to meet the needs of tomorrow, today.
iconAttestation Tool Kit
The Kronos Attestation Tool Kit gives both managers and employees the tools they need to help comply with state, local, union and organization policies. It provides employees the ability to access, review and approve or reject their timecards at the Kronos 4500 data terminals or online using a web-based tool. It also allows employees to designate whether they took their lunch break or not when they punch out. The components of the Attestation Tool Kit make it easier than ever to enforce employee time and approval compliance.

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iconSelecting an Automated Time and Attendance Solution
A straightforward, step-by-step guide to selecting the right time and attendance solution for your business.
iconHealthLeaders Report: Workforce Management’s Significant Role in Patient Care
In this report, Workforce Management's Significant Role in Patient Care you will see the results of a poll that reveals the lack of consensus throughout the industry around the question of what constitutes a care role or action — and why it matters.
iconWorkforce Management in Healthcare: Taking Care of Talent and Patients
Aberdeen Knowledge Brief identifies that best-in-class healthcare organizations achieve financial success through a combination of patient-centricity, effect workforce management and the judicious deployment of technology.
iconOptimizing the Workforce for Accountable Delivery in the Non-Acute Care Environment by IDC Health Insights
IDC analyst Judy Hanover recommends that non-acute care providers leverage workforce management technology to automate, optimize, and simplify all aspects of the employee life cycle while keeping costs down, offering convenience and service levels that help retain patients and staff.
iconNursing’s Time to Lead. Enabling True Leadership in a Time of Crisis. Pillar 4 – Lessons from History: MRP vs. Lean/Six Sigma
In the final pillar of our four-part series titled, Nursing Time to Lead, we conclude by taking a look at our past to better prepare for our future. Big data, statistics, and numbers are everywhere within your four walls.
iconNursing’s Time to Lead. Enabling True Leadership in a Time of Crisis. Pillar 3 – Making Hard Decisions with Truthful Information
In Making Hard Decisions with Truthful Information we examine the myths surrounding staffing in volatile hospital conditions. And you’ll learn how a real-time, single source of truth into day-to-day operations can help nurses execute evidence-based decisions that will ultimately improve nursing performance and patient satisfaction.
iconSweeping HC Changes Require IT Innovations
How will IT operations keep pace with the legislative, economic and demographic changes impacting HC? Forward-thinking IT leaders should be looking to the ease-of-use of a deep-functioning WFM solution as the best place to start to control costs, improve productivity, and achieve better patient outcomes with evidence-based decisions.
iconNursing’s Time to Lead. Enabling True Leadership in a Time of Crisis. Pillar 2 – Turning Hurdlers into Sprinters
Nursing's Time to Lead is a four-part series that will examine how to enable true leadership in a time of crisis. In the second pillar, Turning Hurdlers into Sprinters, we will examine one of the biggest hurdles for nurses.
iconNursing’s Time to Lead. Enabling True Leadership in a Time of Crisis. Pillar 1 – In Nursing We Trust
Who can we trust to help us conquer all the challenges that lie ahead? In the first pillar of our four-part series, In Nursing We Trust, we will explore the best ways to trust and enable nursing to lead us out of the current healthcare crisis.
iconThe Value of Evidence-Based Human Resources in Healthcare Organizations
Using Evidence-Based Human Resources, HR professionals can now focus on both business strategy and standards of evidence which allows them to demonstrate how “intangible” human capital can be observed and measured, and add tangible business results.

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iconAssessing the Value of Automation in the New Value-Based Delivery Model
Automation of workforce management is starting to move from the back office to the bedside, according to a recent HealthLeaders Media survey. In the next three to five years, hospitals, health systems, and other patient service providers expect to augment their time-and-attendance systems with integrated applications that enable more sophisticated data crunching around labor analytics, acuity management, and staffing assignments.
iconEnsuring Positive Resident Outcomes while Avoiding Hospital Readmissions
Today, 1 in 4 persons admitted to skilled nursing care centers from hospitals are readmitted to the hospital within 30 days. Not only does it cost government programs like Medicare billions of dollars, it can negatively impact resident satisfaction, your reputation and ultimately your bottom line. View this on-demand webinar to hear two nurse experts discuss what role workforce management has on reducing hospital readmissions, best practices in aligning properly skilled caregivers to residents’ care needs, and how facilities can assist in bridging the gaps within the continuum of care.