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Workforce Ready Features

The following list highlights some of the new Kronos Workforce Ready® features that have been introduced. We are continuously adding new capabilities to the product, so Workforce Ready customers can be confident that they will have a regular set of releases delivering new value to them.
Note: This is only a partial list of new features.


October 2014

  • Recruitment Enhancements: Ability to offer a more personalized online application experience by customizing tabs, fields and messages, as well as an electronic signature. Organizations can tie job requisitions to up to three hiring managers or to a specific EIN. Recruiters and HR managers can streamline the recruitment process with a job requisition workflow, applicant checklists, more configurable email templates, new reports and dashboard views (such as a "time to hire" report and dashboard widgets for job requisitions and job applications), and the ability to pull all information from a job requisition and applicant when you hire an applicant.
  • Onboarding Enhancements: Employers can create and automate an onboarding (or offboarding) process using a checklist to define the tasks — and the timeframes — required within their unique organizations, and then have the WFR workflow engine automatically update a task when it's complete. The addition of checklist-related notifications sends an email to anyone designated on a workflow step (e.g., a reminder that a "to do" item from a checklist assigned to them still needs to be completed). To ensure the onboarding process is working as expected, employers can build a questionnaire that can be used throughout the onboarding process.
  • The custom form feature has been significantly enhanced so employers can make their unique forms more interactive and professional. Create and format fields and field labels, designate required fields, add electronic signatures, format the page size, and more. Employers can then tie the custom forms to the onboarding workflow process. For example, this would allow employee self-service completion of a company policy acknowledgement form during employee onboarding.
  • Additional enhancements in the areas of benefits configuration and enrollment. Benefit plans can now have up to three earnings and/or deductions per plan, which allows an employer to configure plans for Group term life and Domestic Partner benefits. Employers can set coverage limits for one plan based off the coverage from another plan, create contingency rules to tie related plans together, and effective date future plans. In the area of employee benefits enrollment, the employer can configure how Life Event rules should be set up for each benefit plan. Employers can also customize the welcome messages for different types of benefit enrollments based on the enrollment type selected, whether that's New Hire Enrollment, Life Events, or Open Enrollment. The employee can now see a description regarding the election amount when enrolling in the benefit which will help to facilitate accuracy and eliminate confusion for elections such as per pay period amounts for HSA or FSA plans.
  • ACA Enhancements: Additional enhancements to provide even better visibility (e.g., delivering the most pertinent information without having to dig in and helping the employer proactively see who is in their admin period and will likely be applying for benefits). New notifications help employers manage part-time employees that they want to ensure don't go full time and require benefits. In addition, a new break in service rule ensures the measurement period calculation happens in compliance with the ACA regulations when an employee has a break in their service.
  • The Leave module now offers effective dating of entitlement rules, the ability to override the look back rule, enhanced import capabilities, and additional notifications.
  • InTouch Enhancements: One single clock can now be shared across a multi-lingual group of employees, which cuts down on cost, configuration time, and ongoing maintenance of excess devices. Based on the languages enabled during configuration — English, Spanish, French and/or Dutch — an employee can select the desired language from the main menu of the InTouch. Workforce Ready also now offers Touch ID Plus support on the InTouch clock, which adds biometrics for identification rather than just verification. New restrictions at the clock mean that employers can accept or reject punches at the clock in real time (e.g., for an early punch, verify that the punch is associated with the assigned schedule; for compliance with the California Meal Penalty, employers could reject a punch at the clock based on configured criteria such as early return from lunch).
  • Timesheet corrections/change requests: Employees can now submit their timesheets via the InTouch so they're no longer required to log into a computer dashboard to submit time. There's a screen icon on the InTouch, from which they can review and annotate their timesheet as needed. In addition, it's now easier to correct timesheets and make historical edits. The Fall 2014 release of WFR removes the manual work associated with making timesheet changes and delivers a more seamless experience for employees, managers and payroll administrators.
  • Compliance: This includes new filters for OSHA reports, Hawaii creditor garnishment calculation, California certified payroll, calculation of the California alternative workweek law, and more. Compliance enhancements also include holiday entitlement calculation for Canadian use cases, new functionality to support EU time-off requests, and the ability to meet compliance requirements for age-specific / income-specific pension activation in the UK. Since the EU market works more with days than hours, we now offer pay prep calculations as days as well as hours. And since collected demographic data can vary by region, WFR now enables employers to select the demographic fields that meet specialized regional criteria.
  • Payroll Enhancements: New pay statement warnings that display during the pay prep process, improvements to the payroll test tool, and monthly tax imports that allow automatic setup of state/local taxes. The Fall 2014 release of WFR continues initial investments that make it easier for multi-EIN organizations to process payroll, including general ledger costing by EIN and the ability to tie multiple EINs to a workers comp policy.
  • The mobile app, which is now available on Windows Mobile as well as Apple iOS and Android, offers a single sign-on capability that makes it faster and easier for employees to access their workforce information on the go. A new category now available on the mobile app includes current and historical benefits information, enabling employees to see their benefits selection at a glance, without logging into their desktop. The mobile user experience is also improved by streamlining cost center change capabilities, so that employees can change cost centers with fewer clicks.
  • Introduced more standard reports; boosted turnover reporting by giving the employer the ability to analyze turnover by a variety of factors; workflow tools now allow users to see where they are in the workflow and identify bottlenecks within a specific process.


April 2014

  • Introduced out-of-the-box default workflows for new hire, termination, re-hire, promotions, demotions, transfers and benefit enrollments. A “Pending HR Action Request” widget showing any pending future-dated HR actions for the employee can be added to the employee record. Managers have the ability to mass approve HR actions and benefit enrollments and can also create and send notifications within a workflow process.
  • Mobile app enhancements: All HR actions and benefit enrollments that route through a workflow process can be approved or rejected using a mobile device. This gives managers and other approvers the ability to make those decisions without having to be logged into the system.
  • Benefits Enhancements: Employees have the ability to view employer contribution amounts, the option to save while completing employee enrollment, access to supporting documents within employee self service, and the ability to print confirmation statements. Employees can also have the option for "passive" enrollment, meaning no action needs to be taken each year to re-enroll benefits. Administrators have the ability to handle New Hire Enrollment and New Benefit Year Enrollment at the same time, more flexibility in benefit premium calculations, enhanced evidence of insurability, and much more.
  • Introduced more robust standard reporting capabilities, such as a Benefit Census Report, Benefit Change Report, and a Benefit New Hire Status Report. Administrators can run a report to easily see who has started benefits enrollment as well as the status for all enrollments.
  • Introduced the ability to project the hours that an employee will work in real time based on a schedule or other data stored in the system about that employee. Combined with powerful new reports, organizations can use this insight to more efficiently budget labor costs and forecast overtime. Projected hours can help organizations more efficiently achieve the week-ending labor budget and keep results within expectations.
  • Search: to improve access to system information (such as menu items or specific employees within a company), employees and managers can quickly enter criteria within the Search field, identify the specific resource they need, and then directly access that aspect of the system
  • Multi EIN enhancements: now allows multiple EINs to operate within a single instance of the application. Tax codes are configured separately for each EIN, while earning and deduction codes can be set up once and enabled for each EIN
  • Additional Tax Filing Option: Ceridian
  • Additional global availability: now available in Belgium and Mexico, in addition to the United States, Canada, the Netherlands and the UK


December 2013

  • iCalendar: Export schedule and calendar reports to iCalendar, a file format that can be opened in Outlook, Google, or Yahoo calendars
  • Pay Calculation enhancements
  • Leave Manager enhancements: new dashboard widget now shows all leave cases for ease in leave administration. New reporting capabilities provide the ability to see who's eligible for any configured Leave of Absence categories along with how much time is entitled; new Leave of Absence Calendar, accessible through employee self service and the mobile app, displays a calendar view of all time ranges that an employee is out on either intermittent or continuous leave; now includes all Department of Labor FMLA templates
  • Overtime requests with Workflow


October 2013

  • Introduced Workforce Ready ACA Manager™, a comprehensive module that provides proactive management of an organization's ACA compliance strategy across the entire workforce
  • Introduced Workforce Ready Leave Manager, an add-on module that module automates the enforcement and tracking of federal, state, and employer-specific leave polices and requirements for a variety of qualified leave types, including FMLA
  • Additional Tax Filing option: BSI
  • Mobile app enhancements: ability to mass edit punches
  • New configurable workflow engine enables consistent policy execution and more efficient processes
  • To Dos: easy way for employees and managers to track action items based on workflows
  • Time Off requests with Workflow
  • Time Off for consecutive work days: proactive measure that generates a warning if an employee exceeds time off on consecutive work days
  • Counters: data tool used to store tracked values such as OT type/amount, hours worked, pay categories
  • Bradford Factor support: calculation used to highlight frequent, short-term employee sick leave
  • "Pay as You Go" feature for Workers Comp
  • Anniversary notification
  • Bulk hours timesheet, ability to add piecework


August 2013

  • Pay calculation enhancements
  • Mobile app enhancements: the mobile application can now look to an employee's Wi-Fi (if enabled) in order to determine their punch radius. This enhancement enables employers to limit punches despite a user not having GPS enabled on their device. In addition, the mobile app has common screens and buttons translated to the appropriate language, depending on the company's default country setting.
  • New Marketplace Product: HR and Payroll Answerforce™
  • Applicant Tracking enhancements
  • Benefits Management enhancements
  • Reporting enhancements, including new standard payroll reports


April 2013

  • California Meal Penalty Rule addition
  • Built in online training and education (for roles based training)
  • Tax & Payment offering: ADP
  • Global mass edit tools
  • Initial payroll support for multiple EINs
  • Move auto split punches to match schedule
  • Exception based on time between shifts
  • Kronos InTouch® validation — restrict punches
  • New Report: Employee Information (Labels)
  • New Marketplace Product: PayScale


January 2013

  • Improved employee self-service tools (view schedules, review punches, etc. using the InTouch time clock)
  • Mobile app enhancements: review and approve timecards from a mobile device; flexible geo-fencing capabilities to support more precise punch location
  • Overtime pay calculation improvements
  • Additional language support: French


October 2012

  • Introduced Marketplace (an online platform, similar to an app store) that provides Workforce Ready customers with the ability to extend the functionality of WFR with access to complimentary third-party products and services like background screening, benefits enrollment, and employment eligibility)
  • Multiple language support
  • Kronos InTouch time clock support


June 2012

  • Workforce Ready product launch