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Organizations are continually under pressure to do more with what they have, improve worker productivity, and reduce labor budgets. Repetitive manual tasks, inadequate tracking of time and attendance, and unnecessary overtime all impair worker productivity ― and impact your bottom line.

Kronos workforce management solutions help you automate and streamline manual tasks, reduce errors, and access detailed information in real time ― making managers more productive and giving them the tools to help their employees to do the same.

Our solutions help you:

  • Manage by exception instead of sifting through timecards
  • Gain insight into your scheduling to match labor to volume and prevent approaching overtime
  • Provide employees with self-service tools, allowing them to check earnings and accruals or request schedule changes, time off, and more
  • Productivity: Managing and Measuring a Workforce

    Revealed – the habits of highly productive organizations. This 2015 Aberdeen Group global report explores the habits and strategies that highly successful organizations use to manage employee productivity.

    • Reducing unplanned overtime by up to 33%
    • Realizing a 5% to 20% improvement in productivity metrics
    • Achieving the flexibility to improve organizational processes

  • A Complete Time and Attendance Starter Kit

    For the best experience, open this PDF portfolio in Acrobat 9 or Adobe Reader 9, or later. Get Adobe Reader Now!

  • Automating Time and Attendance: Improved Productivity and Workforce Insight

    In order to be competitive, visibility into and efficient management of the workforce is essential. Companies are laser focused on improving productivity, and providing both employees and managers with insights into workforce data is critical to achieving this goal. Overall workforce management has many elements, but automating time and attendance is a critical foundation. This Research Brief, based on data from 202 organizations collected between May and August 2012, will highlight automated time and attendance as a critical step to improve workforce management, as well as how organizations can take advantage of technology delivery models to automate efficiently, and how to use their time and attendance data to enable better business results.

  • Building a Business Case for a Time and Attendance Solution

    Learn how to get executive support for an automated time and attendance solution by gathering the insight, evidence, and support you’ll need to present a persuasive proposal for change.

    An automated time and attendance solution can make your company’s people more productive and save the organization money, but how do you convince your executive stakeholders to commit to change? Ever made a time and attendance or other data automation proposal to management and had it rejected, even though you were convinced you had provided overwhelming evidence of the benefits of, and the acute need for, the recommended solution? Ever made a proposal only to have it linger at the bottom of your IT department’s list of priorities — without hope of having it come up for serious discussion, much less implementation, for years to come?

    If you’re building a business case to justify an automation solution for the first time – or even if you’re a pro at it – start with this guide.


  • Managing the Workforce as a Strategic Asset

    In the Manufacturing Pulse Report, your colleagues reveal which workforce management strategies and technology advancements are helping solve the challenges of building an effective workforce, increasing productivity, and containing costs. Get your copy of the report today!

  • The Future of Core HR - Business Case for Automation and Integration

     This Aberdeen report is based on a survey of over 160 companies and looks at how best in class companies enable decision makers to leverage core HR data to drive business results. The research provides an in-depth look into process, procedure, methodologies and technologies with actionable recommendations. 

  • WFC 7 - Workforce Management Made Easier

    WFC 7 - Workforce Management Made Easier