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Kronos Customers Rapidly Adopting Mobile Hiring Solution
September 15, 2014

Today’s leading organizations are quickly adopting mobile access for the Kronos Incorporated automated hiring solution to drive the next wave of talent acquisition growth.

Kronos Launches Workforce Forecasting Solution for Predictive Scheduling in Healthcare
September 10, 2014

Further empowering healthcare organizations to move to a value-based care delivery model that focuses on costs, quality, and outcomes, Kronos Incorporated today announced a forecasting application that predicts fluctuating demand by leveraging historical volume data by day, week, month, and shift. Healthcare organizations can use this application to deliver an accurate workload plan and build the foundation of a predictive scheduling process.

Kronos Cloud Continues to Grow Exponentially
September 2, 2014

Kronos Incorporated today announced a series of customer success stories – including Charleston County School District, The Co-operative Group, Crittenton Hospital, DIRECTV, North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, and Ridley’s Family Markets – that showcase why the Kronos Cloud is the fastest-growing segment of the $1 billion company’s business.

8 Tips for Choosing Time and Attendance Systems
August 11, 2014

Source: Business News Daily

Is the Hard-Nosed Boss Obsolete?
August 8, 2014

Source: Wall Street Journal

I Parlayed My Internship Into a Job. Here’s How I Did It
July 31, 2014

Source: Bloomberg BusinessWeek


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