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Making Mobile Managers More Productive

Whether you're across a large facility, moving from site to site, or simply working away from the back office, Workforce Tablet™ provides the convenience of mobility and access to your Workforce Central® system — allowing managers to be more productive while on the go.

Whether you're reviewing schedules, dashboards, schedules, current staffing levels, or exceptions and requests, the large tablet screen allows managers to see more and do more.

Get instant visibility and updates on current staffing and scheduling, with real-time views of who’s in, who’s out, who’s scheduled, and who’s available.

Built-in GeoSensing technology automatically detects your location and instantly sets the context for My Genies®, timecard approvals, timecard exceptions, and schedules to reflect local data.

Make fast decisions in the moment to maintain productivity, quality, and service levels with Workforce Tablet.

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