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Latest Enhancements

With the latest release of Workforce Mobile™, we’ve made some additions that empower employees and managers in urgent situations. Workforce Mobile provides access to your workforce management system when you need it and where you want it… and sometimes you really need it.

  • Offline punch and select Smart Views: Network connectivity seems to fail at the time when you need it most. Offline capabilities help prevent productivity losses caused by network downtime.
  • New Alerts Center: Access your pre-configured personal alerts from your mobile device – so you’re notified of urgent items and you can take action immediately.
  • Availability displayed on schedules: Being able to see when employees are available and unavailable to work, helps to ensure that scheduling changes stick. This results in fewer shift change requests and improved scheduling effectiveness, especially with last-minute changes.
  • Annotation and sharing: When you’re on the go and you discover something that you have to address immediately, annotation lets you share your screen directly from the app, type out a note and send to a co-worker or manager, making it easier to share urgent information in a timely manner.
  • Determining punch locations gets easier: When you’re viewing punches on a map, employee activities are tagged with the name of a specific location (e.g., address or site name).
  • Other enhancements:
    • Add/modify pay codes
    • Breaks displayed and adjusted when shift is changed
    • Flexible week definition
    • Bar code scanner for punch location

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