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The Next-Generation Manufacturing KPI

Overall Labor Effectiveness (OLE)

Take the next step — with the advanced manufacturing KPI from Kronos®. Monitor the impact of labor on profitable output by measuring the interdependencies of availability, performance, and quality — using Overall Labor Effectiveness™ (OLE), the unique key performance indicator supported by the Kronos manufacturing workforce management solution. OLE shows how assets and employees come together to drive superior results and it provides actionable insight at all levels of the organization.

OLE manufacturing KPI is "next critical element"

"Labor is the next critical manufacturing element to optimize in today's demand-driven world," says Dave Caruso, principal at the manufacturing and supply-chain analyst firm, David Caruso & Associates. "Savvy managers have realized that their workforce can be the engine that drives supply chains and manufacturing in the quest to move to the next level of performance. Kronos is leading the innovation in this area ... OLE is a testament to their innovative approach to managing the workforce."

OLE manufacturing KPI measures three factors

Making labor decisions to improve the overall effectiveness of the workforce just got a lot easier, because with OLE, manufacturers can analyze the cumulative effect that three workforce factors have on productive output:

  • Availability: the percentage of time employees spend making effective contributions
  • Performance: the amount of product delivered
  • Quality: the percentage of perfect or saleable product produced


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