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Labor Analytics

As organizations become overwhelmed with more and more workforce data, analyzing that information becomes increasingly difficult. And acting on it in a timely fashion — nearly impossible. Critical business questions go unanswered and opportunities for improvement are lost.

Gain the insight you need to understand the hidden causes — and costs — of overtime, absenteeism and low productivity.

Insight into your workforce

Kronos Workforce Analytics™ gives your business leaders, operational executives, and front line managers the power of real-time visibility into your workforce, allowing them to make fact-based decisions that impact on your bottom line.

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Data Visualization and Exploration

Easily interpret workforce data and react in real time to improve cost savings and productivity. The new data visualization features available within Workforce Analytics enable a user to easily create a dashboard with a variety of interactive charts and graphs, such as heat maps, scatter graphs, and geographic maps. Guided discovery makes it much easier to spot outliers, patterns, trends, and relationships. With potential problem areas identified, you can conduct further analysis to uncover the root cause of the issue and determine necessary steps to avoid unpredicted expense.

Never underestimate the value of your workforce data.

Workforce Tablet Analytics

The Kronos Workforce Tablet™ solution provides managers with constant mobile access to their Workforce Central® system. Learn more.


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