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Workforce Analytics





Business Intelligence for Informed, Fact-Based Decisions

Organizations need to identify, predict, and manage opportunities for cost savings and productivity gains — all while improving the quality of their products and services. But how can they achieve productivity gains, and stay within budget, when they lack business intelligence related to their workforce?

Only through real-time visibility into workforce issues can organizations effectively plan their future workforce needs to control labor costs.

Workforce Analytics™ delivers instant insights for informed, fact-based decisions. This business intelligence helps you:

  • Gain instant visibility into workforce trends and outliers to identify areas of opportunity for innovation and growth
  • Maximize productivity and minimize costs
  • Maintain predictable labor expenses predictable and stay within budget

Learn about specific solutions for your industry:

  • Clustering with Workforce Auditor

    This white paper introduces Workforce Auditor, included in Workforce Analytics, which uses a Big Data approach to workforce auditing. The approach uses k-means clustering; a well-known and robust unsupervised machine-learning technique for detecting patterns in multivariate data. These patterns can then be used as an entry point for auditors or other high-level users who want to understand typical behavior in their organization, find patterns of deviant behavior, and also uncover specific instances that contribute to these patterns.

  • Workforce Auditor Datasheet

    It’s critical that your labor management policies are effective and followed consistently to maximize profitability and minimize compliance risk. Kronos® Workforce Auditor™, featured in Workforce Analytics™, can help you isolate specific dysfunctional behaviors and systemic violations of labor management policies before they adversely impact labor costs, employee engagement, or compliance.

  • Is It Time to Evolve from Spreadsheets to Business Intelligence?

    Get a significant business intelligence advantage when you tap into your workforce management data. Software used for automation captures and generates data that is then made available in standard reports and specialized analysis. Using this information can make data-driven decisions easier and faster.

  • Workforce Analytics Plug-ins

    Kronos offers Workforce Analytics™ Plug-ins to solve specific workforce-related challenges, including ACA analysis and projections, workforce planning, labor costing, and analysis of employee behavior with respect to best practices and policy compliance. Plug-ins are bundles of data, reports, analysis, and dashboards that work with Workforce Analytics.

  • Workforce Analytics Datasheet

    Kronos® Workforce Analytics™ transforms your integrated workforce data into actionable, role-based insights. This powerful analytics solution takes the “who” and the “what” of your daily workforce operations and applies business intelligence to uncover the “why,” helping you to understand the hidden causes — and costs — of issues like excessive overtime, chronic absenteeism, low productivity, and ineffective schedules.

  • Big Data Turns Labor Information into Gold

    Why the buzz about Big Data? A Big Data strategy creates opportunities to transform existing information about their workforce into business value.  With the right data collection, analysis, and action manufacturers can turn everyday data into information "gold".

  • Workforce Analytics: Turning Workforce Data into Business Results

    This Analyst Insight, looks at how top performing organizations are taking advantage of automation, integration and analytics tools to help them optimize their workforce and achieve heightened levels of business performance.  Take the case of Kronos customer PUMA North America. By automating data collection of time and attendance, implementing automated scheduling, and integrating point of- sale and other productivity information with their workforce data, PUMA was able to deliver key insights to store managers and improve overall business performance.  At its most powerful, workforce analytics becomes an invaluable process the business relies upon to guide their decision-making. Analytics is not merely data – is about the process of turning data into information, information into insight, and insight into action. 

  • Workforce Analytics for Healthcare Datasheet

    On-demand access to in-depth data from Workforce Analytics™ for Healthcare, part of the Kronos® for Healthcare suite, enables organizations of all sizes to deliver exceptional levels of care, align appropriate staffing levels, and minimize the risk of negative outcomes by guiding managers to make better, more informed decisions.

  • Workforce Analytics for Retail Datasheet

    The retail industry has experienced a dramatic power shift in recent years. Economic uncertainties, widespread adoption of social media, and increased mobility have combined to give the consumer more power than ever before. Today’s shoppers don’t just expect great service; they demand it. All it takes is one bad experi

  • Workforce Analytics for Public Sector Datasheet

    Learn how Workforce Analytics for Public Sector provides visibility and insight into workforce data. Workforce Analytics for Public Sector transforms timekeeping, grant tracking, and leave liability data into actionable business intelligence. It provides shared visibility into performance against targets so you know right away if there’s a problem. And because you can drill down into data to uncover root causes, trends, and relationships, you have the real-time insight needed to resolve issues sooner rather than later.