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Workforce Analytics


Analytics in Action



The Valuable Secret Life of Your Data

Did you know all the labor data you've been collecting has a secret life?

Once revealed, it can provide the information you need to make better, more strategic business decisions. A strong analytics tool is the key to discovering your existing data's ultimate value.

Workforce Analytics is the easy way to start organizational performance tracking. Data transformation, on-demand dashboards, and hundreds of key performance indicators are a few of the features that help you measure and analyze workforce performance and eliminate any surprises. Data visualization and exploration enable users to easily create dashboards with a variety of interactive charts and graphs, such as scatterplots, geographic maps, as well as built in filters and progressive disclosure.

An automated workforce analytics tool such as Kronos' Workforce Analytics uses your existing data to provide continuous visibility into labor costs and track key performance indicators that impact your labor costs and productivity.

You can just accumulate labor data. Or, you can make it work for you.

Visit a curated collection of articles, demos, and product information for your industry:

  • Clustering with Workforce Auditor

    This white paper introduces Workforce Auditor, included in Workforce Analytics, which uses a Big Data approach to workforce auditing. The approach uses k-means clustering; a well-known and robust unsupervised machine-learning technique for detecting patterns in multivariate data. These patterns can then be used as an entry point for auditors or other high-level users who want to understand typical behavior in their organization, find patterns of deviant behavior, and also uncover specific instances that contribute to these patterns.

  • Plastipak Packaging Leverages Kronos Services and Analytics to Improve Workforce Management and Control Labor Costs

    Kronos Services helped Workforce Analytics quickly become operational for insight on how Plastipak Packaging could increase workforce productivity and better control labor costs.

  • Is It Time to Evolve from Spreadsheets to Business Intelligence?

    Get a significant business intelligence advantage when you tap into your workforce management data. Software used for automation captures and generates data that is then made available in standard reports and specialized analysis. Using this information can make data-driven decisions easier and faster.

  • Workforce Analytics: Turning Workforce Data into Business Results

    This Analyst Insight, looks at how top performing organizations are taking advantage of automation, integration and analytics tools to help them optimize their workforce and achieve heightened levels of business performance.  Take the case of Kronos customer PUMA North America. By automating data collection of time and attendance, implementing automated scheduling, and integrating point of- sale and other productivity information with their workforce data, PUMA was able to deliver key insights to store managers and improve overall business performance.  At its most powerful, workforce analytics becomes an invaluable process the business relies upon to guide their decision-making. Analytics is not merely data – is about the process of turning data into information, information into insight, and insight into action. 

  • Constellation Brands Case Study (pdf)

    Learn how Workforce Analytics helped Constellation Brands better align workforce performance to strategic outcomes and controlled labor costs resulting in mid-six figure savings in overtime expenditures in one facility.

  • Banner Thunderbird Medical Center Case Study: Analytics Provide Frontline Managers with Real-time Visibility

    Analytics are providing our frontline managers with real-time visibility into workforce performance issues. They’re now able to make quick, timely adjustments to labor levels and fluctuating patient volumes to further control their costs and improve productivity.

  • Winning Ways: Workforce Analytics Helps Shooting Star Align

    Shooting Star understands that their workforce is key to delivering an exceptional level of service and by using Analytics, they are now on their way to reaching their goals.

  • Applying Analytics to the Workforce

    Organizations of all types employ data analysis to make better decisions, yet they lag in their ability to analyze workforce information even though labor represents the largest controllable expense. Efforts to turn labor data into business intelligence have been hindered by siloed information, an inability to secure confidential labor data, and inflexible reporting. In this paper you will learn how Kronos Workforce Analytics delivers centralized visibility into labor data, enabling organizations to make fact-based decisions that reduce labor costs, improve productivity — and boost the bottom line.