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Kronos for State and Local Government

Advanced government workforce management approaches are essential given the intense pressure on state and local governments to preserve precious budget dollars and help ensure the continuity of services and programs. Against the backdrop of a weakening economy and plummeting revenues, government leaders need to be more careful than ever about how they spend their budget dollars.

And, because the largest portion of state and local government operational budgets are tied to workforce expenditures, the focus on these expenditures also represents the greatest opportunity for budgetary savings and operational improvement.

With Kronos for State and Local Government, we help control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and maintain accountability & transparency by providing:

  • Automated and streamlined management of your attendance and leave policies — no matter how complex.
  • On-demand visibility with labor analytics showing performance against targets, such as grants and leave liability — so you know right away if there’s a problem.
  • Mobile management to support a paperless workflow and employee self service for your on-the-go workforce.
  • A robust Public Safety scheduling solution to meet the staffing, deployment, and communication needs of first responders.
  • Achieving a Lean Government Workforce

    Making workforce management processes more operationally efficient through the application of lean can result in higher capacity, even if the size and number of these processes remain unchanged.

  • Where Does the Money Go?

    Where Does the Money Go? Survey shows state and local governments and K-12 districts need help to improve the tracking of labor costs to grants and projects.

  • Las Vegas Clark County Library District Case Study

    Las Vegas-Clark County Library District streamlines workforce management with Kronos. The solution provides end-to-end hiring capabilities and real-time labor data that help increase productivity, control labor costs, mitigate compliance risk, and create a more user-friendly experience for applicants and employees.

  • Cameron County, TX Case Study

    Cameron County departments used manual processes to track employee time, resulting in inaccuracies and inconsistencies. Many timesheets were turned in to a department's payroll clerk with the standard "8-5" written for each day, and employees sometimes took time off they hadn't earned. With Kronos, accurate regular and accrued employee time have increased accountability, ensuring that employees are paid only for time worked and take only accrued time earned.

  • How will the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Affect your Government Agency?

    Do you know what impact the ACA will have on your governmentagency? Don’t wait until it’s too late to put a plan in place. This GoverningResearch brief interprets the results of their recent survey of Governmentleaders on their preparedness to handle ACA employee benefits requirements. Italso explores technology solutions designed to manage these new requirements morecost-effectively and to avoid costly errors due to outdated, inaccurateemployee time-tracking methods.

  • Maryland-National Capital Parks and Planning Commission Case Study

    Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission chose an automated workforce management solution hosted in the cloud that provides access to the latest tools for increasing productivity, controlling labor costs, and mitigating compliance concerns.

  • Hamilton County Case Study

    Hamilton County leverages its Kronos solution’s visibility to better control labor costs.

  • Kronos for Public Safety: Corrections

    Kronos for Public Safety includes a solution for the Corrections Market.  This visual identifies various roles within the industry and the operational and strategic issues management faces.  It then maps each challenge to a Kronos solution.

  • Solving the Workforce Compliance Challenge – How Data and Automation Can Help State & Local Agencies

    Wage and hour compliance is a complex endeavor. Unfortunately, state and local organizations can make it exponentially more difficult by using disparate, outdated or manual systems for timekeeping, scheduling, and tracking overtime. The good news is that there’s a clear path forward that leads to simple and efficient compliance management, and improved operational performance.