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Kronos for Retail

In today’s competitive retail environment, your success depends on the quality of service your customers receive and how well you deliver the experience they not only expect — but demand. It’s critical to provide a consistent shopping experience to drive same store sales, increase basket size, and grow your brand loyalty.

To deliver exceptional service you need to recruit, select, and retain best-fit employees who can provide the highest level of engagement and quality service customers expect from your brand. It’s the new norm where customers set the bar on customer service expectations. At Kronos, we’re uniquely positioned to help you follow through on your customer service promise with our retail-specific suite of workforce management solutions.

Kronos for Retail provides the tools to effectively manage your workforce to control labor costs, improve workforce productivity, and minimize compliance risk. Hundreds of retailers around the world use Kronos for Retail to fuel growth, increase market share, and improve customer loyalty.

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  • Out-of-Date Technology Delays Future of Workforce Management

    Retailers tied to outdated Workforce Management solutions struggle with lackluster performance and miss out on tactical and strategic advantages that make managing in the moment possible. Many may simply be unaware of available options that were little more than great ideas one short decade ago. Staying ahead of an evolving market requires solutions that help retailers manage the unexpected. To maximize operational impact, all key stakeholders must participate in, and benefit from, these innovations.

  • Innovating with Workforce Management

    Faced with cost-conscious Internet-savvy customers, retailers must master the final frontier in competitive differentiation: customer service.

  • RIS (Oct 2011) Successful Scheduling - The Container Store

    The Container Store uses advanced workforce management tools to align store staffing with customer traffic.  The result - a superior shopping experience. 

  • Capitalize on Competitors' Poor Service Through Superior Workforce Management

    A bad shopping experience not only puts a retailer at risk of losing that customer — it also means the potential loss of all of that customer’s friends, co-workers, and other contacts — people who have never even visited the store.  When service outweighs value and the impact of a negative experience in your store contributes to your competitor's business, a retailer should consider boosting service through workforce management.  The secret to delivering customer satisfaction is a superior workforce. And the secret to a superior retail workforce lies in enhancing the entire employee management process — hiring the right associate, implementing self-service, setting optimal schedules, and continuously improving operations as the marketplace evolves. That makes an advanced workforce management system a critical contributor to creating a standout customer experience.

  • RIS News Custom Research - WFM on the Fast Track

    A shift is under way and a sense of urgency is growing among smart retailers who are finding ways to optimize WFM with science, technology and capital investment. Evidence of the shift appeared in the 2011 RIS/Gartner Tech Trends Study where we found the number of retailers who say they have up-to-date WFM technologies in place jumped 10% from historical levels established over the previous three years, especially in the areas of time and attendance and task management.  To get a better look at the implications of this shift a Custom Research study to WFM was conducted by RIS News and sponsored by Kronos.  A look at this study reveals very interesting results surrounding workforce management. Among those, functions and services capabilities, time frame for upgrading, attributes having the most influence on workforce management solutions as well as looking at what functionalities and services are high on the list of priorities. Download this study and see how you compare to those retailers looking at WFM on the Fast Track.

  • Five Best Practices to Retain High-Quality Employees

    Employees are an operation's most valuable resource. The cost of losing a seasoned employee can run into the thousands. And the cost of hiring and training a new employee can run between 25 to 200 percent of the departing employee's compensation.

    Taking a few simple steps can help retain employees and boost the bottom line.

    Read five best practices to helping retain employees.


  • Preparing For the Mobile-enabled Workforce

    While the mobility revolution has opened up new possibilities for retailers to engage with smartphone-wielding shoppers, it has also disrupted long-standing paradigms of how retailers engage with their workforce.  The workforce itself has radically different expectations, both of work and technology. Gone are “traditional” notions of loyalty, training, and ten-key data entry. In their place are younger workers more comfortable and agile texting their friends than reading user manuals and calling help desks. To bring both more power to these workers—and better leverage their “native” skillsets—retailers are looking to join their enterprise systems with devices owned and maintained by their workers.

    This sounds like retail tech nirvana: all the benefits without the cost, and indeed, deploying mobile workforce solutions can offer dramatic and significant benefits. Retailers must warily embrace new strategic concepts that have implications far beyond the “app” or brand of handset.

    By adopting a thoughtful and measured approach to the mobile workforce, retailers can benefit from the scaling opportunities smartphones offer, while avoiding the perils of over-rapid movement toward an uncharted new future.

    Learn more now.

  • Pep Boys' New Workforce Management Tool Improves Customer Satisfaction

    Learn how Pep Boys rely on Kronos to help managers schedule associates to accurately meet customer demand for automotive services. To do this, Pep Boys expanded the use of their Kronos solution to include forecasting and scheduling. A key factor in this decision was the Kronos next generation user interface (UI).

  • Kronos Cloud Services Brochure

    Kronos Cloud Services provides an alternative to in-house IT support by handling the technical issues of managing, monitoring, and even hosting the Kronos solution, allowing you to focus on growing your business.