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Kronos for Grocery

Today, it is more important than ever for grocers to provide the level of service that consumers demand. Or sacrifice losing those shoppers forever. And while there is no silver bullet strategy, gone are the days when grocers can compete on price alone and expect to come out on top.

With rising fuel and food costs, razor thin margins and increased competition from the growing hypermarket space — delivering on your brand promise has never been more difficult. So in a market that is a competitive battleground, driven by volume and efficiency, how can you compete?

The answer lies in your workforce. Because effectively managing your employees throughout the multiple departments in your stores is the cornerstone to creating an optimal and consistent in-store experience.

With our grocer specific set of solutions and industry specific knowledge — Kronos is uniquely positioned to help you strengthen your brand, increase operational efficiencies, and deliver the experience your shoppers expect.

  • The Co-Operative Group Case Study

    Prior to the introduction of ‘Right for Us’ the Co-operative Group’s payroll spend was in the region of £400 million per year. By introducing new ways of working and using similar projects as a benchmark, the Co-operative aims to make savings of around £12 million annually, which will be achieved through improved payroll accuracy, tighter controls over working time, a reduction in paid sickness absence and better forecasting and scheduling.

  • Innovating with Workforce Management

    Faced with cost-conscious Internet-savvy customers, retailers must master the final frontier in competitive differentiation: customer service.

  • Kronos for Retail - Grocery slick

    Advanced workforce management enhances the customer experience in stores and improves productivity. Top food retailers around the world turn to the Kronos® for Retail suite for fully integrated workforce management solutions to drive top- and bottom-line results.

  • Hannaford Bros. Co. Expands Use of Kronos with Addition of Analytics and Next Generation User Interface

    A long-standing user of Kronos, Hannaford added the Kronos labor analytics solution to gain real-time visibility into store performance across the entire enterprise.

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction with Productivity-Based Scheduling

    The key to retail success is happy customers. Happy customers beget return business, customer loyalty, competitive differentiation, and increased sales.

    With customer satisfaction moving front and center as a competitive differentiator, retailers must use every tool in their arsenals to make their store experience stand out. Scheduling the most productive employees to work at the most in-demand times makes intuitive sense, but many retailers are favoring seniority, preference, or other factors over best-fit employees in their scheduling. Retailers leveraging a best-fit employee scheduling strategy are experiencing higher customer satisfaction levels and increased sales.

    Consumers know they are now in a power position over retailers and bring those expectations to every shopping encounter. The best way to enhance customer service and satisfaction is to understand their expectations, then meet or exceed them. A retailer that meets or exceeds these high expectations gets attention.

    Employee scheduling software can help you take customer service to the next level. Learn how.


  • Workforce Management: Operational Excellence in Retail

    Learn how to break away from the pack in today’s competitive retail environment and make customers choose to spend their discretionary dollars with you. 

    In any industry, operational excellence revolves around several key business outcomes, including productivity, cost control, and quality of service. Retail is no excep­tion. For retailers, all these outcomes are highly, if not entirely, dependent on the quality of the workforce and how it is managed.

    Find out what challenges retailers from various industry segments are facing, and what opportunities to drive operational excellence a workforce management solution can provide.


  • Workforce Budgeting Datasheet

    Workforce Budgeting™ — part of the Kronos® for Retail workforce management suite — addresses budgeting challenges by giving retailers a more accurate and collaborative way to perform sales and labor planning. The application accomplishes this by allowing corporate, district, and store managers to contribute, revise, and approve planning-related content. This, in turn, allows the creation of reality-based plans — built from the bottom up — that align store level staffing and operational needs with corporate sales and productivity goals.