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Kronos for Public Safety

Kronos for Public Safety helps more than 700 fire and EMS, law enforcement, and criminal justice organizations automate and manage the complex schedules and communications of first responders and other critical resources. The result? Improved workforce scheduling. Better control of labor costs. And minimized compliance risk. All while safeguarding citizens and responders on the frontline.

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  • Workforce TeleStaff Datasheet (version highlights)

    Kronos Workforce TeleStaff™ has been rewritten to be 100% web based while offering other advantages, such as a cloud-deployment option and a new Internet-based phone capability. See the new features in this datasheet. 

  • Public Safety Staffing: Finding a Better Way

    One of the difficult administrative tasks faced by modern public safety agencies is scheduling their staff in ways that ensure efficiency, accountability, and fairness. Given the nature of the profession, it’s no surprise that juggling such concerns as staffing minimums, overtime regulations, and qualifications needed for a particular opening can be challenging at best, especially when methods used to staff rely upon manual efforts.

    Read the research brief based on a recent survey and get a better understanding of the vast inefficiencies in how the nation's public safety agencies schedule their staff, costing time and budget dollars when both are in short supply.

  • Kronos for Public Safety: Corrections

    Kronos for Public Safety includes a solution for the Corrections Market.  This visual identifies various roles within the industry and the operational and strategic issues management faces.  It then maps each challenge to a Kronos solution.

  • Workforce TeleStaff Datasheet (integration)

    Kronos Workforce TeleStaff™ includes powerful interfaces to automatically integrate with your existing enterprise systems and simplify the way you share personnel, roster, scheduling, payroll, and time and attendance data.