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Kronos for Trucking

Today's trucking companies are feeling pressure from all sides — demand volatility; cross-border competition; the onslaught of regulations; and the unpredictability of fuel and equipment costs among them. All this comes when shippers are demanding greater response, capacity, and flexibility.

It's time to control what you can: labor costs and performance. Optimizing productivity and controlling costs can help deliver the service you need to remain both competitive and profitable.

With Kronos for Trucking you can:

  • Control labor costs by delivering accurate paychecks and shrinking payroll inflation
  • Improve bidding and billing profitability with accurate job costing that tracks every minute worked against tasks, jobs, and shipments
  • Optimize your workforce to increase productivity, even when you have to do more with less
  • Gain real-time visibility into understaffing and absenteeism so you can make adjustments before service levels are impacted
  • Technology Seen as Key to More ‘Driver-centric’ Trucking, Stable Truck Capacity

    Businesses struggling to hire and keep truck drivers need to look beyond incremental increases in per mile pay toward using technology more effectively to build driver-centric businesses.

  • Kronos for Trucking Industry Brief

    Today’s trucking companies are navigating a complex storm of issues. Driver shortages and high turnover, potential wage hikes, fierce competition, and an oppressive regulatory environment are making it difficult to maintain sufficient capacity in their networks while protecting razor-thin margins. These mounting challenges are prompting trucking companies to look for new ways to increase capacity and drive profitability. More effective workforce management is the place to start.

  • The Perfect Labor Management Storm

    Growing pressures that include driver shortages, new hours of service (HOS) regulations, and increasing competition are causing capacity shortages, escalating costs, and limited price increases for logistics organizations. These challenges are cutting into the industry’s already razor-thin profit margins.

    While some issues, such as a weak economic recovery and rising fuel prices, are out of your control, labor is not only a large part of your budget — it is also your largest controllable expense.

    This white paper describes how labor management solutions can help you optimize your labor resources by uncovering hidden capacity, consistently enforcing attendance and safety policies, improving hiring efficiency, and controlling costs to boost your profit margins.


  • Why this trucking company switched its payroll off ADP

    In this CITE World article from March 2014, Celadon Group explains why moving away from its legacy ADP payroll application and moving to an integrated, cloud-based workforce management solution from Kronos improved efficiency.

  • Con-Way customer story

    Con-way, a leader in freight transportation and logistics, drives profitability with Kronos workforce management solutions.

  • The Total Financial Impact of Employee Absences — Executive Report for United States

    The results of this 2014 survey conducted with SHRM will astound you. The total cost of employee absence can reach up to 22% of base payroll; this figure includes both direct costs, like employee pay, and indirect costs, like replacement expenses, overtime, and net lost productivity.

  • Caution Ahead: Fledgling CSA program suffers growing pains

    With driver shortages and the ongoing effects of CSA regulations continuing to impact capacity, many carriers are looking to automated hiring solutions to help them identify, assess, prescreen and onboard drivers faster. This Logistics Management article explores how carriers are responding to the labor-related challenges of this landmark regulation and adapting their operations to remain competitive.

  • Navigating the New Normal eBook

    In the “New Normal,” logistics providers face new and greater challenges surrounding their workforce. Rising costs, new capacity constraints, and higher customer demands have put additional pressure on service levels and profit margins. To remain competitive in this volatile marketplace, leading organizations are already preparing strategies on how to best utilize their labor. This interactive eBook, “Navigating the New Normal,” investigates the complex challenges that logistics organizations like yours face and provides strategies to better manage capacity constraints, balance escalating costs, and deliver perfect orders by gaining critical visibility into your workforce.

  • Attestation Tool Kit

    The Kronos Attestation Tool Kit gives both managers and employees the tools they need to help comply with state, local, union and organization policies.  Attestation Tool Kit provides employees the ability to access, review and approve or reject their timecards at the Kronos 4500 data terminals or online using a web-based tool.  It also allows employees to designate whether they took their lunch break or not when they punch out.  The components of the kit make it easier than ever to enforce employee time and approval compliance.