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Kronos for Lodging

In the wake of the recent recession where competition in the lodging industry is tough and razor-thin margins are the norm, it’s more critical than ever to provide superior customer service. And with hotel labor costs now accounting for more than a quarter of operating costs, you need to do all you can to manage these costs more effectively while ensuring customers receive the experience that they expect.

Kronos for Lodging workforce management solutions, built specifically for the lodging industry, help you hire employees that stay on staff longer and provide excellent customer service. You can also create accurate schedules based on forecasted demand, and make real-time adjustments to your staffing levels to accommodate any unexpected changes.

Our suite of solutions help you reduce payroll inflation, eliminate overscheduling, as well as track and enforce employee attendance to better manage absenteeism — so you can better control labor costs and provide a higher level of guest satisfaction.