The complexity of care continues to increase.

Let Kronos for Healthcare help simplify it for you.

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Kronos for Hospitals & Health Systems

Triple Aim. Accountable care. Positive outcomes. And of course, the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The challenges are all around you.

To deliver the best care possible to your patients, you must begin with the best possible workforce management solution for your staff. With Kronos for Healthcare, we help control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, improve workforce productivity, and deliver quality, cost-effective care. Here’s how:

  • Physician coverage scheduling enables the effective and equitable deployment of physicians and other clinician providers – your group, your rules, to build your schedules
  • Advanced staffing supports the safest and most appropriate assignment of caregiver staff to patients, and balances workload distribution in the best interests of patients and staff
  • Intelligently forecast volume to build optimal schedules helps ensure proper staff coverage for every shift, every day, across your entire organization
  • On-demand visibility with labor analytics controls labor costs and allows organizations to make evidence-based decisions
  • Mobile management supports paperless workflow and employee self-service for your on-the-go workforce

Join the conversation and offer your perspectives on challenges related to the healthcare workforce at the Time to Care blog.

  • Academic Medical Center Saves $10M with Workforce Management

    HFMA Healthcare Cost Containment article explains how Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital revamped its workforce management processing, saving more than $10 million in one year. Key to its success was using workforce analytics to help managers focus on costs, quality and outcomes.

  • Healthcare Analytics Feature Guide

    Tap into workforce data that reveals what’s really going on at your organization. Workforce Analytics for Healthcare provides dozens of healthcare-specific reports that shed critical insight into productivity and key performance metrics, labor costs, and opportunities for improvement at your organization. Workforce Analytics for Healthcare delivers the data you need to provide quality patient care and keep employees safe, productive, and engaged.

  • Cohen Children’s Medical Center Expands Employee Engagement Using Kronos Self-Scheduling Solution

    Using nurses’ scheduling preferences, Cohen Children’s Medical Center nurse managers spent hours scheduling nurses with the right credentials on each shift, but didn’t grant all requests. Knowing that nurses value scheduling autonomy — and its millennial workforce likes self-service and mobile functionality — CCMC empowered nurses by offering self-scheduling and mobile applications in its Kronos workforce management solution. The result has been increased nurse engagement, reduced safety events and hospital-acquired conditions, and decreased staff turnover.

  • HealthLeaders Report: Workforce Management’s Significant Role in Patient Care

    Quality patient care has always been a top priority, but in today's evolving healthcare environment, many administrators and clinicians are wondering … how exactly do we define caregiving activities? What counts as direct care, indirect care, and nonpatient care? These are some of the questions addressed in the HealthLeaders report, Workforce Management's Significant Role in Patient Care.

  • CMS Staffing Data Submission / Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ)

    Kronos® for Healthcare can help providers meet PBJ electronic staffing data reporting requirements with its automated, integrated workforce management solution. Using the Kronos Workforce Timekeeper PBJ link, providers can reduce the administrative burden of data collection and reporting, and focus on the core mission to deliver quality resident care.

  • Workforce Management in Healthcare: Taking Care of Talent and Patients

    Aberdeen Knowledge Brief identifies that best-in-class healthcare organizations achieve financial success through a combination of patient-centricity, effect workforce management and the judicious deployment of technology. In fact, best-in-class organizations have discovered that these results go hand in hand. By combining a patient-centric mindset, an understanding of the impact that staff have on patient satisfaction, and a comprehensive approach to workforce management, these organization have seen a steady increased in patient satisfaction scores, along with a stead decrease in workforce management related costs.

  • Radiologic Associates of Middletown Uses EZCall to Create Fair and Balanced Schedules and Optimize Its Workforce

    With schedules created on a radiologist’s home computer, radiologists at Radiologic Associates of Middletown (Connecticut) had no access to scheduling data to know if assignments, schedule changes, and call were handled appropriately. To streamline scheduling, ensure facilities are appropriately staffed, and increase visibility into scheduling information, the group implemented EZCall®, an automated Kronos solution. Radiologists are now confident that call and assignments are fair and that radiology facilities and patients are well served.

  • HFMA Article: Improving Workforce Management and Spend at North Shore-LIJ

    North Shore-LIJ automates payroll and scheduling functions and uses internal data to drive more accurate staffing has improved efficiency throughout the health system. The new software system has brought labor cost savings of an estimated $900,000 annually through reduced overtime, improved productivity for managers, more transparent cost distribution among the workforce, improved efficiency of the payroll department from a reduction in the number of manual transactions, ensuring workforce compliance by standardizing policies and monitoring paid time-off accruals, and reduced liability and risk through rules preprogrammed in the system, including tracking of licenses and certifications.

  • Healthcare Scheduling Solution Guide

     In today’s challenging healthcare environment, how can providers improve the way they schedule and staff their workforce? Now, with the Workforce Scheduler™ solution, healthcare organizations can better align labor resources with patient demand, leading to improved productivity, reduced labor costs, higher employee satisfaction, and quality patient care.