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Kronos for Federal Government

For over 10 years, our Federal clients have relied on Kronos solutions to support their critical Human Resources Management mission. Today, that mission is under extreme stress not only to deliver more services to a larger and more diverse community of citizens but performing with ever tightening budget restrictions. As critical as it is, getting people paid on time is now just a piece of the total picture. Understanding and establishing a balance within the workforce makeup, determine how each individual performs, and on what tasks, becomes the essential role of management in delivering on the promises of their mission while addressing the financial limitations that will only grow more significant in the future. Accurate, timely, and auditable data on who, where, and what the workforce is accomplishing, is essential to managing this unique environment to the highest level of efficiency.

Kronos for Federal Government provides a range of tools to effectively manage this workforce to control labor costs, improve workforce productivity, and minimize compliance risk. In fact, more than 1 million people are using a Kronos solution in the federal government today. With web-based, COTS solutions, Kronos for Federal Government can address the needs of today and tomorrow with federal-specific products and by leveraging over 30 years' experience in industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, retail. If you are involved in any of the areas below, Kronos for Federal has a solution to support your mission by creating an operationally efficient environment while effectively managing to your budget.

  • Federal Time & Attendance tracking all pay rules, leave categories and leave donor program, scheduling, interfaces to shared payroll providers, reporting, mobile capabilities, training tools, and much more
  • Protective Forces, Law Enforcement, Fire & EMS, & Correctional scheduling, deployment, and communications capabilities
  • Healthcare Resources Management to provide for the right person with the right skills to be at the right place at the right time. In support of federal medical facilities, Kronos for Federal leverages our industry knowledge and leadership in effectively bringing healthcare resources such as nurses, technicians, and therapists to deliver high quality care for our military, veterans, their families and others.
  • Contractor Cost Tracking that enables management to view, analyze, and adjust the cost and number of contract resources working on a program, project, or at a facility. To best manage a budget, the total cost of the workforce must be understood. With a Kronos for Federal solution you can count the number of contractors, account for what they are doing, and tie them to the proper budget line item. With this data in hand, management can plan for the future, be better able to renegotiate contracts, and ensure they are meeting their objectives and still remain within budget.

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