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Kronos iSeries Gaming Integration

Integration Boosts Your ROI

Integrate timekeeping information with your other business applications to improve the return on the investment you've already made in capturing employee data. Whether you're leveraging your HR, payroll, ERP, or other back office applications, it's easy to share data between Kronos® and other applications.

The Kronos approach to integration includes integrated systems, utilities, tools, and services.

Integrated Systems

Data can be easily shared between applications within the Kronos family because they're built within the same system. Instead of jumping through hoops to integrate disparate applications such as HR, payroll, and timekeeping from multiple vendors, you can purchase a single, integrated system that shares data seamlessly.

Integration Utility – Kronos iSeries Central Interface

Kronos® iSeries®Gaming Central Interface is a configurable integration utility that extracts, transforms, and loads data, sharing data between Kronos and 3rd party applications. It shields you from changes to the Kronos applications due to upgrades. Because interfaces don't have to be re-written, the overall upgrade effort and timeline is significantly reduced.

Kronos utilities use industry standards to create interfaces so you can:

  • Expand the use of your workforce management data by making it accessible to other applications in the formats required
  • Keep your Kronos solutions synchronized with your other systems of record


If you need a custom solution, tap our experienced services personnel for their broad product and industry knowledge. They'll help you design and implement solutions that are easy to administer and provide the valuable information you need to run your business.

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