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Kronos for Financial Services

Kronos for Financial Services helps financial institutions of all sizes increase operational efficiencies, boost profit margins, and deliver a quality customer experience.

Let Kronos help you manage your most valuable and strategic asset — your workforce — to gain the competitive edge you need to get ahead. And stay there.

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  • Transitioning Your Branch Workforce to a Service Culture

    After a decade of promises to put the customer first, banks today are starting to make good with material improvements to the customer experience. Innovative banks have added both physical and digital assets and are leveraging automated workforce management to ensure that the bank’s frontline resources are making customer engagement a priority.

    In this executive report, IDC Global Retail Banking Research Director Jerry Silva reveals what top bank industry performers are doing to differentiate themselves competitively within the environment of this “new normal.” These organizations are embracing automated workforce management solutions to make sure the right people are in the right place at the right time to better serve branch customers. And they’re even using workforce management to address the challenges of compliance risk and turning it to their advantage in employee retention.

    You’ll also learn about the biggest focus area of bank branches today and what types of investments banks are seeing from their mobile solutions — plus get some solid advice on how integrated workforce management can help your banking organization meet future workforce and customer experience challenges.

  • Fiscal Cliff Averted: What’s Next for Financial Services?

    Financial institutions of all sizes today find themselves in a perfect storm of adverse conditions: shrinking revenues, high operating expenses, complex compliance requirements, and increased competition — from new, nontraditional sources. Fiscal pressures alone are at historic proportions — with revenue constrained by a struggling economy, margin rate compression, and an overall decline in traditional income channels. Clearly the imperative is to increase revenue while cutting costs, but how can today’s financial services institutions do more with less?

  • Kronos for Contact Centers

    Even if you already use contact center solutions for tasks such as forecasting, real-time schedule adherence, performance management, and training, Kronos for Contact Centers delivers workforce management solutions that close critical gaps in your effort to optimize your workforce. And considering that labor typically accounts for up to 75 percent of a center’s operating costs, it’s an effort worth undertaking. Closing these gaps can mean identifying and hiring quality workers and keeping attrition rates low so you can deliver consistently high levels of service to customers. And then drive employee engagement and manage absences to control costs as well as manage all time worked to help minimize compliance risk.

  • Kronos for Credit Unions

    Today’s credit unions are no longer focusing solely on cost containment or the myopic strategy of viewing labor as a line item in the budget. They’re empowering their employees with workforce management tools that help drive brand loyalty and member satisfaction. They’re investing in and strengthening their most important asset – the employees whose expertise, agility, and access to information can make or break the member relationship.

  • Workforce Management: The “Core” Value is the Data

    Today, the financial services industry continues to be challenged by a host of economic and business factors including regulatory pressures, changing customer demographics, revenue replacement and constant cost pressure. In response to these pressures, financial institutions have focused on two areas in particular: increased efficiency (both cost cutting and business process improvement), and a renewed emphasis on the customer (both revenue and service). Today, financial institutions are utilizing workforce management tools and technologies to help achieve success in these two key areas. However, workforce management tools driven by actual transactional data from a bank's internal core system can make the value of workforce management even stronger for both financial institutions and their customers.

  • Frontline Sales and Service – Execution is Everything

    Financial institutions today are wrestling with a dilemma. Revenue is plummeting as a result of the struggling economy, margin rate compression, and lost transaction fees. Operating expense, especially for branches, is soaring. Meanwhile, customers have more banking choices than ever — and are taking advantage of them. In the crosshairs of this dilemma, banks are seeking new ways to grow revenue and control cost. But how to do more with less? As the banking industry is discovering, the answer can hinge on the experience of customers with frontline employees. 

  • The Value of Insight: Driving Efficiency and Reducing Cost in Financial Services

    As the cost of doing business comes into ever-sharper focus the banking sector stands alone in not pursuing the use of the latest workforce management technologies to inform decision-making. For the COO, CFO or CIO, the potential to positively impact business performance is an opportunity that cannot be ignored.

  • Kronos for Financial Services Solution Guide

    This guide outlines the assets and strategies necessary to gain a competitive advantage.

    Learn the key areas in which Kronos for Financial Services can help your organization achieve its business goals, including:

    • minimizing overall costs
    • driving operational efficiencies
    • managing workforce compliance
    • delivering increased customer satisfaction

    Download the Kronos for Financial Services Solution Guide now.

  • Money Talks: How Wage and Hour Challenges Can Cost You

    Wage and hour compliance has become an increasing risk for financial service institutions. This white paper, developed in partnership with Jackson Lewis LLP, explores the causes for wage and hour litigation, what the potential damages are, who’s at risk, and six steps that financial institutions can take to maintain compliance.

    Download this white paper to learn how to reduce exposure, reduce risk of violations, and realize cost savings.

  • Kronos® for Insurance Industry Brief

    If you’re not optimizing your workforce, you’re missing perhaps your greatest opportunity to impact profit and service levels. After all, your workforce is your greatest asset; when employees deliver quality service to your customers, profitability follows.