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Kronos for Insurance Services

For insurance companies, competition from the Internet and financial services firms is heating up just as the industry is confronting an aging workforce. You need to attract new workers and retain skilled mid-level employees, provide flexible employment opportunities to part-time and contact center employees, and accurately track an increasingly mobile workforce of agents, sales people, adjusters, and appraisers.

At the same time, demand for products and services is increasing:

  • Baby boomers are increasingly looking for health and long-term care insurance, annuities, and other pension products
  • The automobile and housing markets are bouncing back, which is instilling more confidence in the economy and spurring stronger growth in property/casualty insurance sales
  • Competition is demanding you deliver even more personalized, knowledgeable service to customers, and do so in an environment of increasing regulatory demands

With Kronos for Insurance, you can optimize your workforce to minimize compliance risk, increase workforce productivity, and have complete visibility into your costs. Because after all, when your workforce delivers quality service to your customers, profitability follows, and you’re able to gain a competitive edge.

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  • Kronos for Insurance Industry Brief

    Optimize your most valuable and strategic asset: the workforce. Kronos® for Insurance provides complete automation and high-quality information to help your insurance company control labor costs, manage employee absenteeism, and minimize compliance risk, while extending the value of your existing business systems. Kronos workforce management solutions help you hire, manage, and retain a productive and engaged workforce that’s free to focus on enhancing the customer experience and boosting the bottom line.

  • The Total Financial Impact of Employee Absences — Executive Report for United States

    The results of this 2014 survey conducted with SHRM will astound you. The total cost of employee absence can reach up to 22% of base payroll; this figure includes both direct costs, like employee pay, and indirect costs, like replacement expenses, overtime, and net lost productivity.

  • Wage and Hour Challenges for the Salaried Nonexempt Workforce

    The whitepaper featuresinsights from Paul DeCamp, Partnerand National Chair of the Wage andHour Practice Group at JacksonLewis LLP.

    This whitepaper explores:

    • Two high-cost class actionlawsuits based on Wage and Hourviolations
    • The causes of such litigation
    • The unique challenges associatedwith salaried nonexempt workers
    • Strategies for creating andmaintaining a compliantorganization

    Learn how to steer yourorganization clear of costly – andpreventable – wage and hourlitigation.

  • A Seat at the Table: Technology Brings Strategic Opportunity to HR

    Today, the most important asset for employers is their people. Many organization leaders overlook the strategic contribution of the professionals charged with cultivating that asset — the human resources department. Simply put, HR hasn’t had a seat at the boardroom table. But with recent advances in technology, HR, payroll, and information management staff can provide greater long-term value to their organization. Advances include workforce analytics, cloud technology, social media and mobile communications, and talent management applications. This paper outlines how HR can make use of these technology opportunities to benefit the entire organization.

  • Kronos for Contact Centers

    Even if you already use contact center solutions for tasks such as forecasting, real-time schedule adherence, performance management, and training, Kronos for Contact Centers delivers workforce management solutions that close critical gaps in your effort to optimize your workforce. And considering that labor typically accounts for up to 75 percent of a center’s operating costs, it’s an effort worth undertaking. Closing these gaps can mean identifying and hiring quality workers and keeping attrition rates low so you can deliver consistently high levels of service to customers. Kronos for Contact Centers can help drive employee engagement, manage absence to control cost, and manage all time worked (including agent off-switch time) to help minimize compliance risk — all while integrating with critical contact center systems.

  • Workforce Mobile

    The Kronos Workforce Mobile solution gives you a mobile connection to your Workforce Central® system. This means you can complete administrative tasks when and where you want via your smartphone or other mobile device. Workforce Mobile apps are specifically designed for the iPhone and Android smartphones. So you gain on-the-go access with the interface you love. Learn more in this brief datasheet.

  • Attestation Tool Kit

    The Kronos Attestation Tool Kit gives both managers and employees the tools they need to help comply with state, local, union and organization policies.  Attestation Tool Kit provides employees the ability to access, review and approve or reject their timecards at the Kronos 4500 data terminals or online using a web-based tool.  It also allows employees to designate whether they took their lunch break or not when they punch out.  The components of the kit make it easier than ever to enforce employee time and approval compliance.