Cutting costs
doesn’t have to mean

cutting academic quality

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Kronos for Higher Education

“Do more with less” is the mandate in higher education today. Don’t jeopardize academic missions by raising student costs and cutting back on programs and staff. Do more with an asset you already have — your workforce.

Kronos for Higher Education software helps you manage your professional, union, auxiliary, and student workforces all at the same time. Our tools control labor costs, minimize compliance risks, and improve workforce productivity — all critical to meeting your missions for student learning, research, and community support.

Kronos higher education solutions help you:

  • Rein in costs: Optimize operational efficiencies and see significant returns with the complete automation of your time and attendance policies
  • Limit liabilities: Improve compliance with diverse labor laws and government and union regulations
  • Manage employees campus- and system-wide: Apply work and pay rules for different labor groups with better consistency
  • Leverage cost allocation: Effectively allocate labor costs to grants, programs, and projects for more efficient planning and budgeting and more transparent audit reporting
  • Clocking in on Campus

    Student employees are an invaluable resource for colleges and universities — but managing this workforce has traditionally been complex. It doesn’t have to be.

  • Pace University Case Study

    Eager to leave time-consuming and error-prone manual processes behind, Pace University implemented an automated Kronos workforce management solution. Payroll calculations are done automatically and correctly; overtime rules are applied correctly, eliminating unearned overtime; and leave time is accurately tracked and accrued, with leave liability audit reports ready in minutes. Multiple jobs functionality simplifies accurately tracking student-employee time worked in multiple positions and eliminates overpayments. Functionality also supports tracking labor to specific grants and budgets.

  • Tracking Labor for Grant-Funded Projects More Accurately and Efficiently

    Colleges and universities that receive federal grants must keep careful records of the time and effort their employees spend on grant-funded projects. Keeping track of all this information can be a difficult process, especially when employees are working on multiple projects simultaneously—and many institutions admit they struggle with this task. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

  • Getting the Numbers Right

    Nearly three-quarters of higher education institutions use grants to fund their staff. But how well are the institutions tracking and reporting their grant-related labor costs?

  • Cal Poly Pomona Case Study

    Cal Poly Pomona is a non-profit organization that serves the California State Polytechnic University. To create efficiencies for their HR/payroll operation, they chose a Kronos solution in the cloud to streamline processes, control labor costs, and mitigate compliance issues.

  • Oral Roberts University Streamlines Workforce Management and Improves Compliance with Kronos Solution

    Oral Roberts University is an interdenominational Christian liberal arts university located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that was founded in 1963 by evangelist Oral Roberts. With a focus on educating the whole person — mind, body, and spirit — ORU provides a world-class academic experience in the context of a vibrant Christ-centered community. In this process, the university seeks excellence through strong academic programs, upgraded technological capabilities, and improved campus facilities. With a student population of approximately 3,300 students, ORU employs about 1,500 people; about 800 are student workers, 300 are full-time and part-time hourly employees, and the balance are faculty or salaried exempt employees.

  • University of California – Santa Barbara


    Picking up timecards from 13 different locations proved to be enough of a headache for the University of California – Santa Barbara (UCSB) that they knew an automated solution was needed.  Once Kronos was a part of the universities workforce management processes they immediately saw accuracy and increased productivity.


  • Oral Roberts University


    Inconsistencies in how employees and managers capturedtime forced Oral Roberts University to consider automating theseprocesses.  Once Kronos was brought in,the university began seeing areas of improved efficiency and compliance.


  • Kronos for Higher Education Blueprint

    Kronos for higher education blueprint

  • The New Credit Hour: Higher Education and the Affordable Care Act

    Do you know what impact the ACA will have on your college oruniversity? Don’t wait until it’s too late to put a plan in place. This Centerfor Digital Education issue brief interprets the results of their recent surveyof education leaders on their preparedness to handle ACA employee benefitsrequirements. It also explores technology solutions designed to manage thesenew requirements more cost-effectively and to avoid costly errors due tooutdated, inaccurate employee time-tracking methods.