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Kronos for Education

Kronos workforce management for K-12 and Higher Education that helps you do more with less is essential in an era marked by ever-tightening budgets. Kronos gives you the tools to improve operational efficiency and conserve your budgets — all of which are keys to meeting your missions for student learning, research, and community support.

With Kronos for Education, we help control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and maintain accountability and transparency by providing:

  • Automated and streamlined management of your attendance and leave policies — no matter how complex.
  • On-demand visibility with labor analytics showing performance against targets, such as grants and leave liability - so you know right away if there’s a problem.
  • Mobile management to support a paperless workflow and employee self service for your on-the-go workforce.

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  • Pace University Case Study

    Eager to leave time-consuming and error-prone manual processes behind, Pace University implemented an automated Kronos workforce management solution. Payroll calculations are done automatically and correctly; overtime rules are applied correctly, eliminating unearned overtime; and leave time is accurately tracked and accrued, with leave liability audit reports ready in minutes. Multiple jobs functionality simplifies accurately tracking student-employee time worked in multiple positions and eliminates overpayments. Functionality also supports tracking labor to specific grants and budgets.

  • Washington County Public Schools (Virginia) Case Study (pdf)

    Learn how Washington County Schools manages multiple pay rules for a diverse workforce that includes teachers and about their positive experience with Kronos Services.

  • Public Sector ERP Myths Exposed!

    This webinar explores recent research from Aptitude Research Partners on how workforce management technology typically touches more people, has a greater engagement impact, and yields a faster time to value than ERP systems.

  • Seven Little-Known Ways a Workforce Management System Can Benefit Schools

    Saving time, improving efficiency, and ensuring compliance with labor laws are all common benefits of an automated workforce management solution. But did you know the right solution, when used by savvy K-12 leaders, also can save schools money and improve student outcomes?

  • Tracking Labor for Grant-Funded Projects More Accurately and Efficiently

    Colleges and universities that receive federal grants must keep careful records of the time and effort their employees spend on grant-funded projects. Keeping track of all this information can be a difficult process, especially when employees are working on multiple projects simultaneously—and many institutions admit they struggle with this task. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

  • Getting the Numbers Right

    Nearly three-quarters of higher education institutions use grants to fund their staff. But how well are the institutions tracking and reporting their grant-related labor costs?

  • Where Does the Money Go?

    Where Does the Money Go? Survey shows state and local governments and K-12 districts need help to improve the tracking of labor costs to grants and projects.

  • How Best-of-Breed Workforce Management Outperforms ERPs

    Get on a faster path to controlling labor costs. A best-of-breeed solution offers quicker implementation, greater ROI, and more flexible options for deployment,purchasing, and maintenance.