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as you control labor costs.

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Kronos for Dining

Food and labor costs continue to rise as dining businesses manage budgets with razor-thin margins and battle to attract consumers ready to spend their discretionary dollars. Compounding these challenges are cost-control issues associated with healthcare reform, the wide adoption of social media that allows customers to instantly broadcast opinions (negative and positive), and labor-law compliance.

Whether you’re a quick- or full-service restaurant, the way to compete for consumer dollars is to provide outstanding customer service — to attract new customer and keep them coming back. At Kronos, we’re uniquely positioned to help you follow through on your customer service promise with our dining-specific suite of workforce management solutions.

Kronos for Dining solutions help you recruit, select, and retain a service-oriented staff and accurately match staffing to demand, measure store performance by day part, and increase or decrease staff based upon intra-day performance. Our solutions also help you minimize compliance risks associated with government regulations and labor laws. Something POS and point solutions can’t do.