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Kronos for Field Services

With more than half of your employees in the field, how can you ensure that you are consistently delivering an exceptional customer experience and operating at optimal efficiency? The key is workforce management. With real-time visibility into workforce performance and costs, frontline managers can take decisive action in optimizing labor utilization and controlling labor costs — without sacrificing your high level of service.

Kronos provides workforce management solutions that empower employees and managers to deliver exceptional service and drive profitable operations for your business. With easy-to-use mobile solutions and a full suite of workforce management tools, you are able to align your workforce with demand. Monitor and manage performance in the field. And utilize accurate, consistent workforce data to incent good performance and address problem areas. Discover how, every day, Kronos is helping Field Service organizations grow their business by empowering employees and managers in the field to do what they do best — delight your customers.

  • Topographic Case Study

    Topographic found managing rapid growth challenging when using manual workforce management processes, especially with a growing number of field employees. The company decided to automate all workforce management processes — including employment taxation — with Kronos Workforce Ready, a fully integrated, cloud-based solution. As a result, Topographic has benefited from streamlined processes and enhanced data visibility that increases productivity, helps control labor costs, and mitigates compliance issues.

  • Safelite's Smartphone-Based Field Service Strategy

    With 80 percent of its workforce comprised of field-based workers who serve more than 4.4 million customers per year, Safelite required a mobile connection to its workforce management solution. Kronos met those needs – and many others – through its workforce mobile applications, which provide on-the-go access regardless of where or when a manager or employee requires access. Read this Field Technologies Online article to learn more.

  • Kronos for Field Services Industry Brief

    When you’re operating with a large, dispersed field-based workforce, you need exceptional visibility into your workforce. You need to be able to monitor workers who perform their jobs where they are delivering service — in the field. Are you placing the right technician or agent with the right skills in the right place at the right time? Are workers taking meals and breaks as required by regulations? Are they reporting their time accurately? Do you have tools in place to empower agents to deliver the level of service that results in satisfied customers? The Kronos® for Field Services Industry Brief explores how Kronos can provide solutions to these questions and help you optimize your field-based workforce.

  • Workforce Mobile

    The Kronos Workforce Mobile solution gives you a mobile connection to your Workforce Central® system. This means you can complete administrative tasks when and where you want via your smartphone or other mobile device. Workforce Mobile apps are specifically designed for the iPhone and Android smartphones. So you gain on-the-go access with the interface you love. Learn more in this brief datasheet.

  • Gaining Critical Visibility Through Workforce Management: Managing the Distributed Workforce

    There’s a direct correlation between visibility into field-based workforce performance and total cost to serve. But without the right automated workforce management tools in place, that visibility becomes increasingly foggy – impacting your bottom line.

  • Valley Power Systems — Field Technologies Online Q&A

    Field Technologies Online publisher/Editor-In-Chief Sarah Micastro talks one-on-one with Ramona Fierro of Valley Power Systems about the company's inadvertent mobile workforce management overhaul. As many companies today seek mobile workforce management solutions to help them improve productivity and provide better customer service, they can learn from the far less direct path Valley Power Systems took to optimize their mobile workforce management processes and eliminate roughly $100,000 in chargebacks.

  • The Total Financial Impact of Employee Absences — Executive Report for United States

    The results of this 2014 survey conducted with SHRM will astound you. The total cost of employee absence can reach up to 22% of base payroll; this figure includes both direct costs, like employee pay, and indirect costs, like replacement expenses, overtime, and net lost productivity.

  • Forest City Enterprises Customer Story

    Forest City Enterprises, Inc., a premier real estate development and management company based in Cleveland, Ohio, operates three strategic business units in major markets across the U.S. The commercial group oversees 101 retail, office, hotel, and mixed-use properties. The residential group owns or manages 122 apartment communities and eight military housing communities, and the land development group helps develop master-planned communities and residential, commercial, and industrial projects. The company employs 3,500 hourly and salaried employees at 200 sites in 25 states. Discover how they have saved $500,000 since implementing the Kronos solution.