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Kronos for Business Services

When it comes to providing high-quality services to your customers, your people are your most important asset. Whether your organization provides field and contract services, professional services, or is a not-for-profit, optimizing your people is critical to gaining a competitive edge. That’s why services organizations of all sizes across the globe turn to Kronos.

With our innovative and easy-to-use solutions, you can keep employees engaged and productive. You can also provide frontline managers with the tools and visibility they need to measure and monitor performance. Whether your employees are remote, mobile, or onsite.

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  • Valley Power Systems — Field Technologies Online Q&A

    Field Technologies Online publisher/Editor-In-Chief Sarah Micastro talks one-on-one with Ramona Fierro of Valley Power Systems about the company's inadvertent mobile workforce management overhaul. As many companies today seek mobile workforce management solutions to help them improve productivity and provide better customer service, they can learn from the far less direct path Valley Power Systems took to optimize their mobile workforce management processes and eliminate roughly $100,000 in chargebacks.

  • Kronos for Field Services Industry Brief

    When you’re operating with a large, dispersed field-based workforce, you need exceptional visibility into your workforce. You need to be able to monitor workers who perform their jobs where they are delivering service — in the field. Are you placing the right technician or agent with the right skills in the right place at the right time? Are workers taking meals and breaks as required by regulations? Are they reporting their time accurately? Do you have tools in place to empower agents to deliver the level of service that results in satisfied customers? The Kronos® for Field Services Industry Brief explores how Kronos can provide solutions to these questions and help you optimize your field-based workforce.

  • Kronos for Contract Services Industry Brief

    For contract services organizations, time really is money. An accurate accounting of all hours worked can make the difference between making a profit or losing money on a contract. And when a worker is absent, your ability to identify a best-fit, best-cost replacement worker and get that employee out to the job fast is the difference between being hit with a penalty and maintaining a positive, long-lasting customer relationship. Kronos® for Contract Services gives you visibility into your service labor costs and performance, helping you meet service levels and retain customers.

  • Kronos for Contact Centers

    Even if you already use contact center solutions for tasks such as forecasting, real-time schedule adherence, performance management, and training, Kronos for Contact Centers delivers workforce management solutions that close critical gaps in your effort to optimize your workforce. And considering that labor typically accounts for up to 75 percent of a center’s operating costs, it’s an effort worth undertaking. Closing these gaps can mean identifying and hiring quality workers and keeping attrition rates low so you can deliver consistently high levels of service to customers. And then drive employee engagement and manage absences to control costs as well as manage all time worked to help minimize compliance risk.

  • Workforce Analytics: Turning Workforce Data into Business Results

    This Analyst Insight, looks at how top performing organizations are taking advantage of automation, integration and analytics tools to help them optimize their workforce and achieve heightened levels of business performance.  Take the case of Kronos customer PUMA North America. By automating data collection of time and attendance, implementing automated scheduling, and integrating point of- sale and other productivity information with their workforce data, PUMA was able to deliver key insights to store managers and improve overall business performance.  At its most powerful, workforce analytics becomes an invaluable process the business relies upon to guide their decision-making. Analytics is not merely data – is about the process of turning data into information, information into insight, and insight into action. 

  • Wage and Hour Challenges for the Salaried Nonexempt Workforce

    The whitepaper features insights from Paul DeCamp, Partner and National Chair of the Wage and Hour Practice Group at Jackson Lewis LLP.

    This whitepaper explores:

    • Two high-cost class action lawsuits based on Wage and Hour violations
    • The causes of such litigation
    • The unique challenges associated with salaried nonexempt workers
    • Strategies for creating and maintaining a compliant organization

    Learn how to steer your organization clear of costly – and preventable – wage and hour litigation.

  • Forrester Study, Kronos Workforce Central Suite Total Economic Impact: A First Look

    Commissioned Forrester study estimates risk-adjusted, three-year savings at $3.9 million. *   In this summary of a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Kronos, you’ll discover how customers that deployed the Kronos Workforce Central® suite were able to increase productivity, control payroll and labor costs, and the positive impact it had on their return on investment.  You’ll learn about the financial impact of replacing an organization’s existing and decentralized legacy tools and applications – many which rely on manual, paper-based processes – with Workforce Central.   *The Total Economic Impact of Kronos Workforce Central Suite, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Kronos, September 2011. (Based upon ROI of Kronos customers studied. Individual results may vary.)

  • Time and Attendance Strategies for the Modern Workforce Moving Beyond Yesterday’s Solutions in Workforce Management

    Moving beyond yesterday’s solutions in workforce management.  In this white paper, you’ll learn about the latest advancements and trends in time and attendance and workforce management software. You’ll discover how these new technologies and techniques can improve user adoption that results in more streamlined processes for HR and less work on the front end of the payroll process. And you’ll see firsthand how operations, managers, and supervisors spend less time on administrative workforce management tasks.  Download this paper to learn how automated, accurate data collection integrated with payroll, leave, scheduling, and absence management solutions can make it easier to drive a consistent and repeatable process throughout your organization.   

  • APA Survey Links Mobile Technology and Productivity

    Download this American Payroll Association (APA) Trendline Survey results article to find out why nearly 68 percent of respondents say they could be more productive — and nearly 73 percent say their jobs would be easier — with mobile technology.*

    Learn how mobile applications give managers and employees the power to work more effectively and better manage their schedules and work time remotely — from anywhere at anytime.

    *Summer Blackwell, "Survey Explores Link Between Mobile Technology and Productivity," PAYTECH, August/September 2011, 55.